027 Magnetise your home to become a powerful magnet for what you want| Patricia Lohan

Magnetise your home to become a powerful magnet for what you want

In this Episode Patricia shares her knowledge about how you need a home that is aligned with your energy for what you want otherwise you may be blocking your success. Your home is your temple and it’s important that your home is not depleting or pushing the exact things that you want.
“your home has a consciousness, it has energy and it has vibration, it’s built on the land and it will really support you 100% if it is aligned with you energetically or it will be just like if you don’t care about me, it will be like hey I won’t help you” – Patricia Lohan

What we talked about:

We talk all things Feng Shui! Includng:
– How Patricia came to be a Feng Shui expert and why it’s such a powerful tool
– Why it’s important to treat our homes as a temple and what difference that can make in our lives
– How Feng Shui can help to detox life and business, unstick beliefs and declutter minds!
– How to get started with Feng Shui

Patricia’s Bio: 

Patricia Lohan, helps women accelerate success & become magnetic to money, blessings & luck through Feng Shui. She shows you what they don’t teach in business school, what lies between the lines, your top secret tool for success. She is a Feng Shui expert, a healer and passionate female entrepreneur who has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband.


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026 Write your Book | Shilpa Agarwal

Write your Book

Book-writing and marketing coach, at Want Solution.

Born and brought up in the noisy hustle of Mumbai city in India, Shilpa chose to make the hushed city of Adelaide her home in an impulsive but passionate decision in 2014. Since then, she along with her husband, started their consulting business ‘Want Solution? There’s Always One’.
Investing nearly $100k in their education and starting this business was yet another adventurous move, to quit the conventional and convenient corporate source of income and go all in into realising their dream lifestyle.

Together they have gone on to create a beautiful family and are blessed with a girl, Arya, in Feb 2016.
In 2017, they embarked on a family adventure, to live in a caravan and travel around Australia, while growing their baby and their business on the go. Turns out Arya has totally inherited her parents’ adventurous genes and was a total sport on the caravan trip!

Shilpa is also the author of Amazon best-seller ‘Want Solution? There’s Always One!’ and her second book is on its way to being launched mid-2018, which is based on the family adventure they undertook in 2017. Through this book, Shilpa aims to spread a deeper awareness on the over-hyped and often misrepresented subject of the ‘digital nomad’ and what it really takes to be one, successfully.

In their business, Shilpa plays the role of book-writing and marketing coach who works with coaches and consultants to help them accelerate their business through
* finding their voice
* owning their story
* writing their book
* sharing their message and
* scaling their business.

We talked about:

  • her move from Mumbai to Adelaide
  • transitioning from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur
  • failing and what you learn
  • the inspiration for her family travel adventure
  • how she works with clients in the book writing process
  • why writing a book matters and is important for coaches and consultants

Podcast Offer

Big Book Idea Unpack Sessions, worth $497

Shilpa has created a special coupon which is called ‘MitlesGift’ and when you use this coupon code at this link, you can book this paid session for absolutely free!

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025 Spiritual Leadership | Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams & Mitlé Southey

Spiritual Leadership with Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams & Mitlé Southey

The tables are turned and Mitlé is interviewed by her teacher, mentor, soul sister – Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams (Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence). The intention behind this episode is to go behind the curtain and get to know Mitlé a little better!

We talked about:

  • what being a spiritual leader means
  • Mitlé’s idea of leadership centred on connection, compassion and courage
  • what does power look like outside of patriarchy
  • the power of women’s Circles and why they matter
  • how Circle School was birthed and is evolving
  • viewing the world through archetypes
  • seeking sisterhood that supports you


We had so much fun recording this that we have taken it further and collaborated to bring you an incredible opportunity.

If you’re feeling the call to step on to the path as a contemporary mystic, modern priestess and spiritual leader AND Sacred Circle Holder – this is for you.

The Third Level is the 12 month programme to train as a spiritual leader. I graduated from this programme last year and my sacred service path has lead me to create Circle School; I now train women as Sacred Circle Holders.

Ricci-Jane has just opened up new interview slots for Friday 13th April for the next intake starting in July. If you apply and are accepted to join now, you’ll also receive my two-day Women’s Circle Training. (This training is currently $447 but you’ll receive it for free and can attend in Melbourne, Sydney or Perth). Make sure to mention the podcast when you have your interview.

In Ricci-Jane‘s words, “The Third Level is for women who know they are spiritual leaders and want to go further, go global, not just physically but energetically.” She is seeking the soul shakers. Is that you?
If it’s a resounding “yes” don’t miss this opportunity to step into the role of Circle Holder as you enter the mystic’s cave!

All the details are here:

And You can book your interview here:


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024 Ancestral Clearing | Helena Ryan

Ancestral Clearing with Helena Ryan

In this episode Helena shares her incredible incredible journey to accidentally discovering a way to unlock what has been passed down your ancestral line.

“…family patterns are heavily ingrained within us, they are hiding in plain sight” – Helena Ryan

We talked about:

  • what is ancestral clearing
  • what happens in a session Helena
  • why this process is so powerful for her clients
  • her vision for her Practitioner training
  • why she works with 7 generations
  • why helping women to reconnect with their intuition is so important
  • her VIP Ancestral Clearing Programme

“…you’re doing a session for yourself with 126 people present!”

– Helena Ryan

Helena’s Bio:

Helena works with spirited women in business to clear and release the impact their family is having on them in their business, family and personal life. Beliefs, behaviours and patterns are passed down through 7 generations and these beliefs are held within our subconscious and drive behaviour. The works has been coming together of all Helena’s modalities and she is looking forward to teaching others in 2018 through her practitioner training. Helena is a former primary school teacher and has served in the Australian Army. When she isn’t working she is hanging out with her 3 year old playing diggers. She loves cooking vegan food and going hiking as a family.

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023 Align with your Soul Potential | Brontë Spicer

Align with your Soul Potential with Brontë Spicer

In this Episode Brontë share her incredible vision that is being realised through the Soul Worker Academy where she trains a worldwide tribe of soul workers.

“My life is an inspiration for me but also a model for others” – Brontë Spicer

We talked about:

  • what it is to be a Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • stepping from hobby business to Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • what she means by “soul potential”
  • The Soul Method to come back to yourself
  • her inspiration for the Soul Worker Academy and the core philosophy that it embodies – we are all connected and it’s safe to lead from your heart
  • her experienced from depression to experiencing magic
  • how we can embrace vulnerability so that we can express our truth
  • the one thing that she wants you to know!

“When we unravel, that’s when we come back to our soul potential” – Brontë Spicer

Brontë’s Bio:

Brontë is a mentor for Spiritual Entrepreneurs who leads women to their soul potential. She is the Principal of the Soul Worker Academy and trains women to transform their hobby business into a platform where they can share their work globally.

Brontë has been teaching for a decade, trains a worldwide tribe of soul workers to action their dreams and facilitates classes, workshops and retreats in Victoria, Australia.

She has been interviewed by Australia’s most comprehensive natural therapy magazine, Wellbeing Magazine and she is a social media creative for Meditation Australia and the Australian Centre for Holistic Studies.

Brontë has an Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation, she is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and certified Angel Card Reader.

She holds a Bachelor Education/Bachelor Sport and Outdoor Recreation (including lifestyle coaching) from Monash University.

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