Welcome to Circle School 

If you’re feeling the call to step into the role of Sacred Circle Holder but aren’t yet doing so and are saying to yourself:

“I don’t know where to start?”

“What if something goes wrong?”

“I don’t think people will pay to come”

“I don’t know the right format”

“I don’t have enough experience”

 “I’m an introvert”


I am on a mission to help as many women as possible experience the transformative power of Women’s Circles and heal our sister wounds. A big part of this is mentoring women who are stepping on to the path of Circle Holder and incorporating Circles into their business model.

The world needs more Circles!!


I am here to:

Guide you through the process of starting and holding regular circles 

Mentor you as you step into your role as Sacred Circle Holder

Surround you with support in your role by a sisterhood of women

Share resources, tools and practices


Circle School Live

Melbourne: 23rd – 25th May 2018

London: June 2018 (Dates and Venue TBC)

Denmark, Western Australia: July 2018 (Dates and Venue TBC)

Sydney: August 2018 (Dates and Venue TBC)

Join me in Sacred Circle 

Are you craving deep connection within a sacred space where transformation unfolds?

Are you looking for a Circle experience where fun and the sacred are woven together?

Are you curious about Women’s Circles but not sure if they’re for you?

I would love you to join us in Circle. 

My Circles are intuitively guided and include: – welcoming ceremony – creating an altar – guided meditation  – channeled visualisation – intuitive guidance – prayer and closing ritual – plenty of time for sharing  – light refreshments (vegan friendly and gluten free) – self-love gift bag

Each Circle is a pocket of time for you to connect inwards with yourself and outwards with each other.

I hold a sacred space for women where you will be seen, heard and accepted and experience the sacred power of sisterhood.  This is a space without judgment, advice, platitudes or sympathy. Our theme is self-acceptance.

Wednesday 23rd May SOLD OUT
NEW DATE: Friday 25th May 6pm – 9pm 
Please note, dear Sisters, that due to the limited spaces available there are no cancellation refunds for our Sacred Circle. 

Women’s Circle Training


Join me for a beautiful two-day experiential journey to meet the soul of your Circle and connect with her spirit and essence. Together we honour the tradition of Sacred Circles whllst weaving through your personal magic together with a modern twist to art of circle holding. In this two day training you will experience being in Circle, practice holding a Circle and leave with the tools and practices to step on to the path as a Circle Holder. 

Day 1 – Cast and Centre your Circle

  – co-create our Circle  experience  claim your unique quirks and gifts as a Circle Holder – connect with the spirit and essence of your Circles – identify who you are serving with your Circles – gain clarity and confidence on the structure and content for your Circles  -embrace Circles as part of your business model  

Day 2 – Sacred space, Ceremony and Rituals

    create a safe and sacred space for your Circles  – draft your Circle Guidelines – practice holding space (energetically, emotionally and physically) – explore opening and closing ceremonies and rituals  -create your personal pre-and post-Circle self-care rituals – bring Circle medicine into your life

Thursday 24th and Friday 25th May


9.30am – 3pm each day


Level 1/885 High St.Thornbury VIC 3071 Australia


This is a small group training.



I cannot wait to journey in Circle with you.

Please note, dear Sisters, that due to the limited spaces available there are no cancellation refunds for this training. 


3 hour Sacred Circle

Light refreshments

Self-love gift bag



3 hour Sacred Circle

2 day Women’s Circle Training Sacred Circle Guidebook & Checklist

Light refreshments (vegan & gluten free)

Self-love kit 

30 min 1:1 session (valid for 2 months)

TOTAL $497


2 day Women’s Circle Training

Guidebook & Checklist

Light refreshments (vegan & gluten free)

Self-love kit 

30 min 1:1 Session (valid for 2 months)

TOTAL $447

“Wow! I attended my first ever Sister Circle with Mitle in Brisbane last week… I felt so welcome, comfortable and completely in the right place. Literally walked away feeling so much release, relief and calm! Thank you so much Mitle… can’t wait to do it again!”

Claire Barton

From the moment I arrived and embraced Mitlé with a hug that is exactly what I felt and as each women entered this sacred space this divine love was amplified I feel so very grateful and humbled to have shared this transformative experience with these wonderful souls we were gifted with heartfelt stories, smiles, tears and humour it felt comfortable and yet at times excitingly uncomfortable If you have the opportunity to attend a sistermind circle or a sister school workshop I am sure you will enjoy the experience and walk away feeling loved and inspired 

Tammie Sharp

Thank you Mitle for such an amazing circle school workshop in Perth. After having been part of your online Sistermind circle for almost a year now, and experiencing firsthand how deeply nourishing this space can be, I really wanted to learn more. Your workshop was wonderful at providing a clear structure, content and tools for running a circle, but has also given me the confidence to actually bring an idea into realisation. I love the post workshop support too to work through some ideas / questions that have come up whilst planning my own circle. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone seeking to begin holding sacred space for women, Sister circles are such a powerful way for women to connect with themselves and each other, the world needs so much more of this incredible heart medicine.

Kate Jarvis

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