This podcast is a celebration of Sisterhood.

It is a space for women to share their journeys and how they are being of service in the world together with practical tools and spiritual practices for you to explore and experiment with.

I also bring you solo shows on Sacred Circles, reflections on favourite episodes and the practices, rituals and tools that I use and teach.


011 Healing, Health & Harmony with Tracy O’Meara Smith

  In this episode I’m chatting with the lovely Tracy O’Meara Smith who is a Perth-based Holistic Health Practitioner ( This a a deep and meandering conversation with a woman who I have formed a beautiful connection with. We actually recorded...

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010 Making a Big Impact with Anna Chisholm

In this episode I enjoy an inspiring conversation with Anna Chisholm ( on her journey from social worker, to being a mum and becoming a health coach. Anna is a plant based health coach and also an experienced podcast host on her show ‘Big Impact’ which...

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009 Being A Creatress of Beauty with Nora Wendel

In this episode I’m chatting with the beautiful and fascinating Nora Wendel from her stunning location in Bali. Nora is the ‘Creatress of Beauty’ and has a great passion for all things beautiful and to surround herself with things that bring beauty...

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002: Befriend your Inner Critic with Amy Madden

Meet Amy Madden, the Inner Critic Analyst who hasn't met an inner critic she doesn't like. Amy and I chat about: her experience of creating her business, blending her personal experience with her professional skills,  how her brush with her own inner-critic...

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