005: Money mastery, living in alignment, becoming a single mama with Jessica Giles


In this week's episode I chat to Jessica Giles of Chic Money.  Jess is an accountant, a bookkeeper and wealth management coach so, not surprisingly, we talk about money!  Jess explains why financially empowered women with change the world and we also talk about the money blocks, beliefs and stories that may be holding you back.

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Money Mastered with Style

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Big Leap by Gay Hendrix

Dare to Flourish

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004: Motherhood, Intuition and Getting Fearless with Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams

In this fabulous episode I chat with the Intuition Expert, Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams about her mission to let as many people as possible know that they are intuitive powerhouses. We talk about why intuition is a symptom of a healed mind and why there is only fear or love.

Show Links
The Key to Yourself by Venice Bloodworth 
The Lightworker Institute 
Dare to Flourish 

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