In Episode 6 I have a beautiful conversation with Dr. Kristy Goodwin, the author of Raising Your Child in a Digital World – finding a healthy balance of time online without techo tantrums and conflict.

We cover the full spectrum from science and research to EFT, crystals and spiritual awakening. Kristy shares why she gets up at 4am every day, how she found the time and discipline to write her book and the way the universe stepped in to publish it!

We also talk about creating and growing her business, seeking the support and help she needs it, how she maps out her year and uses 90 day planning, identifying skill gaps and understanding your own definition of success.

Kristy shares her journey as a mother and the personal metamorphosis that motherhood has meant for her, learning to listen to her intuition and surrender.

We talk about being digitally distracted and why her biggest fear about our technology use means we’re missing those micro-moments with our children.

We also discuss the importance of seeking, asking and accepting help together with Kristy’s 3 “Ss” – support, self-care and sleep.

I absolutely love this interview – it is a beautiful blend of Kristy’s work and vision for preserving the sanctity of childhood together with her personal journey in motherhood and business. We chat about self-love, sisterhood, spirituality and success.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a leading children’s technology and development expert (and mum!). She helps parents ditch the techno-guilt + raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline. Kristy takes the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age by translating the latest research into practical and digestible information, tips, and tricks for parents so that they can feel confident and assured that they’re raising healthy, happy and balanced kids in the digital age.

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