Welcome to episode 7 of the Dare to Flourish Podcast.  This week I'm chatting with Mothering Mentor, Marion Rose.

“I long to live in a world where every child's feelings are heard, no child is left to cry, no baby is left alone to cry, no mother is left alone to cry”. (Marion Rose)

She helps mothers to be compassionate with themselves and offers effective and long term parenting practices to help our children thrive.  In addition to being an inspiration as a mother and providing powerful tools and techniques that we can embrace on our own mothering journey, she is also a savvy business woman and prolific course maker. If you go to her website (and I recommend that you do) you'll find about 16 free courses available together with the same amount of paid courses.

In this conversation we explore the concept of guilt and talk about replacing our internalised dialogue. Marion explains her Inner Loving Presence Process.  We of course talk about self-love and sisterhood and she shares her gorgeous recommendation for having empathy buddies – friends who can just be with you while you let your feelings flow and why you may need different friends for different feelings.

We chat about Marion's take on spirituality – love and compassion in action and listening to our intuition and Marion explains why it is never too late to listen to our child's feelings or our own feelings.

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