In this episode I’m chatting with the beautiful and fascinating Nora Wendel from her stunning location in Bali.

Nora is the ‘Creatress of Beauty’ and has a great passion for all things beautiful and to surround herself with things that bring beauty to herself and the people around her.

I enjoy discussing with Nora;

How she’s recently rebranded her website to define more of who she is and what she loves.
Her life growing up in Kathmandu, Nepal and early years in a boarding school in India.
Her global, nomadic life and how this influences her design style.
How she had a creative passion from a very young age.
Her studies of Fine Art and a degree in Audio Engineering.
Back to a living in India and starting a jewellery making business while living in Delhi.
How creating graphics through the use of her own photographic images lead Nora towards becoming a graphic designer
Establishing a business ‘Hey Yogi’ ( to provide graphic design for people in yoga industry

Following on from this many people asked Nora for graphic design work which lead to her becoming the ‘Creatress of Beauty’ and she now provides graphic design work for women entrepreneurs.

We discuss life in Delhi and the importance of close friends around her.

We then continue with;

The importance of having a close group of friends around you
Her journey of becoming comfortable with letting go of the jewellery business to focus on her new vision
How we need to let go of the old to allow something new
Moving to South Africa with her boyfriend to help overcome anxiety

Nora shares her beautiful message of knowing it’s ok to be kind to yourself and that everything can be changed.

Nora was understanding the effects of anxiety and how she could gain support through counselling and dance therapy, plus asking for help!

From this process she now incorporates self love and care into her daily rituals.

Although Nora doesn’t consider herself an intuitive person, she is incredible passionate about life and has learned to control her feelings and to let go of things. For her it’s more about going with the flow of her day.

Nora’s daily self-care ritual is about just sitting and enjoying the moment, which is a fantastic way to begin the day.

Checking in with yourself is a perfect way to trust yourself and draw on inner wisdom.

It’s very important for women to have self-trust, as this leads to self-love, self-determination and really believing that you deserve what you are going after.

Nora has now taken her passion for beauty and photography to create a membership-based stock photo business ‘The Photo Forest ( to provide ‘real life’ images to use on websites and her graphic design work.

Nora shares with us the steps taken to create her new business ‘The Photo Forest’ including;

How she researched what people’s needs were.
Deciding to use a membership model for the business.
Coming up with this wonderful name.
Funding the website development.
Hiring a business coach and being surrounded by a supportive team of women so she didn’t have to do all this alone.
Her plans to travel to Australia for photographic work with clients.

Nora shares the term ‘multi-potentialite’ as a description of someone who chooses many passion to persue, rather than one niche area.

‘Don’t choose a niche, craft an overarching theme’ is a quote I’ve recently heard which explains this term.

Nora considers this of herself, as she has many talents, skills and passions and embraces all things of beauty. This shines through in all the work she does.

Her suggestion for gathering inspirations for life and business is through Pinterest. Through her Pinterest Boards Nora gathers and shares beautiful images that inspire her personally and professionally.

She suggests to create boards when designing your website, launching products,

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