In this episode I enjoy an inspiring conversation with Anna Chisholm ( on her journey from social worker, to being a mum and becoming a health coach.

Anna is a plant based health coach and also an experienced podcast host on her show ‘Big Impact’ which is an interview series with people making big impacts in the health and wellness space, especially with plant based nutrition.

She shares her methods for a healthy life through plant based eating, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle and through her background as a social worker she is able to work at a deeper level with her clients.

Anna shares her interesting journey to her health coaching business;

  • How a fatal car crash as a young age lead her to helping others through a career as a social worker
  • Studying at university in Sydney training as a social worker
  • Practised for 10 years in hospitals in Sydney and London
  • After experiencing burnout retraining as a personal trainer as she always enjoyed movement and being active
  • Returning to Sydney to work as a social worker while pregnant with her daughter
  • How she experienced burnout again whilst pregnant with her son and knew it was time for a change
  • In 2013 she was influenced by beautiful food and wellness bloggers and the information being shared
  • While taking a year’s maternity leave she completed an online course in Integrated Nutrition and began a new direction as a health coach

Her passion for plant based health began while living in London with her husband. He made the decision to go vegan, and soon after she decided to join him.

Through trial and error and also time to complete research, they found healthy nutritious food ideas that focused more on health benefits.

More studies followed with Anna completing a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition and she began sharing the benefits to health and also healing through a plant based diet.

Anna’s client’s come to her for support on how to adopt plant based eating, and especially for mums to improve their health and wellness.

Anna gives her views on the paleo v’s plant based diets and how there is actually a few common messages, including eating fresh fruit and vegetables and no dairy.

Plant based diets include whole foods, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Anna suggests we have a responsibility to confirm scientific research on all foods, for example butter and coconut oil. She recommends that we read independent studies to look at all information provided to make correct choices for our health.

I ask Anna to share her tips for self-love and self-care. Other than her healthy eating and exercise she includes–

  • Daily walking alone – no trainers, no kids, no messages or notifications, just enjoying quiet space to think and connect with herself.
  • Daily meditation – which can be a few minutes of breathing exercises or a guided mediation.

Anna has an amazing health coach herself, who is also one of her close friends. She also has a business coach and close family who are very supportive. Her husband is also incredibly supportive and they work as a great team together.

She explains how she found running a business from home has its benefits of flexibility, especially with small children, but can be isolating at times due to a lack of regular deep connection with others.

For inspiration Anna listens to Rich Roll Podcast (plant-based endurance athlete) as well as following

She also loved reading ‘Rising Strong’ by Brene Brown.

If you’re inspired to learn more about a healthy, plant based lifestyle join Anna’s 21 day Smoothie Challenge, for ideas on seasonal, fresh food.

Also find Anna’s podcast ‘Big Impact’, Blogs with lots of inspiring information and also her Facebook Page.

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