In this episode I’m chatting with the lovely Tracy O’Meara Smith who is a Perth-based Holistic Health Practitioner ( This a a deep and meandering conversation with a woman who I have formed a beautiful connection with.
We actually recorded this episode several weeks ago but I really wanted it to be the first episode released in 2017.
Tracy shares deeply about her own healing journey and her spiritual journey.  This conversation takes on a life of it’s own and I know that I could sit down and record another episode with Tracy and it would be unique and magical again.
I hope you enjoy the unfolding of this conversation.

Tracy believes that women of this world are here to awaken and enlighten us and that it starts within the family.If we keep peace and harmony in our home, it is reflected everywhere.

We talk about:

  • How she embraces both the feminine and masculine part of herself
  • Her experience from mental health issues to healing through knitting
  • How she found psychotherapy, aromatherapy and energy medicine
  • Her discovery and passion of Emmett and Bowen Therapy and also Flower Essences
  • How her step towards helping others began through surrendering towards a way to health
  • Why we need to honour our journey, as we’re all worthy of love and support
  • When we find harmony within ourselves amazing things happen

She shares how:

  • She accepts people as they are
  • She operates professionally from a sense of service, not allowing her own opinion to effect the healing
  • Believing in who you are and what you do allows peace
  • She enjoys learning more, staying fresh with ideas and how new clients are then presented to her
  • When we heal others we take ourselves out of the equation as it’s not about us

The modalities Tracy uses are –

  • Bowen Therapy – works on connective tissue
  • Emmett Therapy – uses the body’s natural receptors to find natural alignment
  • Tissue Salts – work at a cellular level
  • Flower Essences – takes subconscious to conscious through the vibration of certain flowers

which are all powerful ways to help the body heal at a cellular level and help our bodies reconnect with our spirit and our mind.

Tracy shares her daily self-love practices:

  • 5 minutes daily in her sacred space, with a lit candle and a dynamic meditation
  • Daily journaling
  • Being light with life – giving herself a ‘break’, seeing the good in what she’s done and how far she’s come

Tracy’s final word is;

“No matter what you’re going through there’s always a greater wisdom, and even though we’re in amongst it, all is well and to trust that. Finding inner trust will give you the greatest foundation you can give yourself”

To find more inspirations from Tracy please visit her website, Facebook page and monthly Blogs.

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