Welcome to Episode 12

In this episode I talk with my dear friend and biz bestie, Emma Polette.

We started our wonderful conversation with me asking Emma what it means to her to be a women. She feels life is multi-passionate – busy, exciting and stressed all at the same time, with women wearing many hats with family, business and community commitments.

Emma is a qualified Health Coach, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor based in Western Australia and she shares her journey from the corporate world to becoming a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

In this conversation we dive deep into women’s health and hormonal issues and Emma’s personal journey with endometriosis. Before this conversation, I am embarrassed to say, that I had no idea of how debilitating – mentally, emotionally and physically this condition is. It is privilege to discuss this in such an open and honest way – to push aside any taboos and talk about how it really affect women’s lives.

At the time of recording this, Emma was scheduled for major surgery to have a hysterectomy and shares her self-care support program, including self-forgiveness, tapping, daily journaling and honouring herself as a woman each day and using a monthly womb blessing ritual (inspired by Sara Brooke).

Emma is now on a mission to inspire other women to show themselves love and compassion and kindness and address hormonal imbalance through health and fitness. She is launching her podcast: Hug your Hormones

To stay healthy and balanced Emma enjoys regular meditations and also –

  • chakra cards to support her daily
  • by noticing how her body feels through personal intuition
  • gratitude journal and daily journaling

She has also received great support from Kinesiologist Kerry Rowett

Emma’s tip for making changes is to take action. It’s great to have the knowing of what to do, but you achieve things by actually ‘doing’ and taking action.

For any women dealing with hormonal health issues Emma suggests reading Rushing Women Syndrome by Dr Libby Weaver.



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