Want to know what gets me nervous?

Hosting a podcast with my podcasting mentor Katie Wyatt!

Podcasting is a natural medium for women; we love to go deep in meaningful conversations and hear the stories of other powerful women, it can help break through the isolation of mothering and being an entrepreneur.

Once I got over my jitters I talked with Katie about:

  • Katie’s passion for podcasting to grow your business. Getting your message out, connecting with influencers in your field, becoming an influencer in your field.
  • The impact podcasting has on your mindset and personal growth as a woman; podcasting as a personal growth journey.
  • Follow Katie’s business journey from the Wellness Entrepreneur to the PodQueen.
  • Katie also shares her very personal and wellness journey and her road to feeling amazing.
  • We discuss the way her tenacity influenced the way she created a family and how she operates as a business woman.
  • Empire building – what is it to Katie and what it means to us as business women – successful business that is built on our own personal brand.
  • Podcasting – have you missed the boat? Or is 2017 a huge opportunity for starting a podcast? Is it too late for you?
  • The number one mistake you don’t want to make when you are pitching yourself and 3 tips for a great pitch.
  • Sisterhood in Katie’s life – how important it is to her and her journey to having “business” friends who really get her.
  • Katie’s spiritual perspective.
  • What podcasts Katie is listening to now.


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