Be Brave! Dive into the wisdom of your cycle.

Join me as I chat with Stasha Washburn, the Period Coach.

We talk about:

  • What Stasha rallies as a woman about.
  • Stasha’s journey to becoming The Period Coach.
  • The history of the taboo around menstruation (and witches).
  • How Sisterhood is revolutionary.
  • The female stress response and how it differs from the male “fight or flight” response and how it effects our need to connect.
  • Why you should you track your cycle.
  • How Stasha healed her own menstrual disorder and experiences a completely symptom free cycle.
  • Creating a world where we know more about our bodies than doctors do.
  • Gaining more knowledge about your own body and your cycle.
  • Empowering your daughters and teenagers.
  • Yoni eggs for cervical health and healing.
  • Tapping into your divine feminine to heal past wounds and ancestral trauma.


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