Yelena Kostyugova is a healer, shaman and spiritual coach. Yelena’s mission is to help visionary women to become a powerful force of positive change in the world. As a shaman she works with nature to bring restoration of harmony, order and balance to people, places and the world. Yelena runs a Facebook group We Are Changing The World and is a leader of Be The Change Tribe.

Yelena works with women who want to have a business that is aligned with their spiritual role, she helps women get connected to their place of power and develop their spiritual “muscles” to have the strength to face the challenges that come up as a spiritually empowered entrepreneur.

This is part one of our interview (because I couldn’t stop asking questions)!

In this conversation you’ll hear:

  • how a lightworker is someone who has a spiritual heart and cares about making the world a better place
  • how women are rising – the divine feminine is rising up and how we get to embody
  • how we are the pioneers – a wave of people stepping up and showing the way – how to be a full human living with the divine feminine
  • Yelena’s perspective on the rising of consciousness – the way me are moving towards that which is whole – masculine and feminine – left and right
  • how we might be feeling our way into being healers who for the first time ever have to ask for money as part of the transaction for our service
  • Yelena’s journey from a young person in a small town in Russia without a big plan for what to do at the end of school to moving to New Zealand living in alignment with her service to spirit
  • how she discovered that by doing what felt right in her heart, she could be guided by the invisible force of her destiny – trust and surrender
  • what to do when resistance comes up, things aren’t flowing and things get hard – should we change direction? Yelena gives her take on what to do when our challenges arise.


Alignment Meditation

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