Being a Warrior Mother 

In this Episode Heidi introduces us to Awakened Parenting and the sacred role mothers have in healing ourselves in order to be able to heal our children, so that we can all access our highest potential.

“When you start to look at yourself it will be the biggest blessing of your life and you will magically change everything around you”  – Heidi Hosking

We talked about: 

  • her experience as a Speech Pathologist
  • her journey to awakening as a mother with a New Child
  • her triad of emotions, food and toxins that is the foundation of her work
  • what being a warrior mother means
  • how to move away from the fear based paradigm in healthcare, parenting and education
  • vaccinations (yes, we go there briefly!)
  • how we can cultivate sisterhood amongst mothers
  • how to notice our own judgements and reactions to others
  • embracing all of who you are when running your business

“I still bring the light, no matter what” – Heidi Hosking

Heidi’s Bio:

Heidi is an intuitive mentor to mums of the sensitive “New Children”, helping mothers and children to access their highest potential, not illness, diagnosis or “okayness”. She is an advocate of Awakened Parenting and has also been called the Truth Seeking Mum. She helps mothers like us with her Mother-Child Healing Approach to firstly clear their own emotional, food and toxin blocks. By doing so they embody their “Warrior Mother”, who has the clarity, energy, conviction and knowledge to take a stand for their child’s health, development and intuitive gifts.

She has experience and expertise with the sensitive New Children, child development, fussy eating, food sensitivities, new age health and energetics topics, unleashing our intuitive powers and emotional intelligence and embodiment.

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