Ancestral Clearing with Helena Ryan

In this episode Helena shares her incredible incredible journey to accidentally discovering a way to unlock what has been passed down your ancestral line.

“…family patterns are heavily ingrained within us, they are hiding in plain sight” – Helena Ryan

We talked about:

  • what is ancestral clearing
  • what happens in a session Helena
  • why this process is so powerful for her clients
  • her vision for her Practitioner training
  • why she works with 7 generations
  • why helping women to reconnect with their intuition is so important
  • her VIP Ancestral Clearing Programme

“…you’re doing a session for yourself with 126 people present!”

– Helena Ryan

Helena’s Bio:

Helena works with spirited women in business to clear and release the impact their family is having on them in their business, family and personal life. Beliefs, behaviours and patterns are passed down through 7 generations and these beliefs are held within our subconscious and drive behaviour. The works has been coming together of all Helena’s modalities and she is looking forward to teaching others in 2018 through her practitioner training. Helena is a former primary school teacher and has served in the Australian Army. When she isn’t working she is hanging out with her 3 year old playing diggers. She loves cooking vegan food and going hiking as a family.

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