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Book-writing and marketing coach, at Want Solution.

Born and brought up in the noisy hustle of Mumbai city in India, Shilpa chose to make the hushed city of Adelaide her home in an impulsive but passionate decision in 2014. Since then, she along with her husband, started their consulting business ‘Want Solution? There’s Always One’.
Investing nearly $100k in their education and starting this business was yet another adventurous move, to quit the conventional and convenient corporate source of income and go all in into realising their dream lifestyle.

Together they have gone on to create a beautiful family and are blessed with a girl, Arya, in Feb 2016.
In 2017, they embarked on a family adventure, to live in a caravan and travel around Australia, while growing their baby and their business on the go. Turns out Arya has totally inherited her parents’ adventurous genes and was a total sport on the caravan trip!

Shilpa is also the author of Amazon best-seller ‘Want Solution? There’s Always One!’ and her second book is on its way to being launched mid-2018, which is based on the family adventure they undertook in 2017. Through this book, Shilpa aims to spread a deeper awareness on the over-hyped and often misrepresented subject of the ‘digital nomad’ and what it really takes to be one, successfully.

In their business, Shilpa plays the role of book-writing and marketing coach who works with coaches and consultants to help them accelerate their business through
* finding their voice
* owning their story
* writing their book
* sharing their message and
* scaling their business.

We talked about:

  • her move from Mumbai to Adelaide
  • transitioning from the corporate world to being an entrepreneur
  • failing and what you learn
  • the inspiration for her family travel adventure
  • how she works with clients in the book writing process
  • why writing a book matters and is important for coaches and consultants

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