What it means to be a man

Leigh’s journey in this lifetime of her relationships with men, what they mean to her, how they have influenced her and the impact they have had on her have driven her to shift the paradigm of patriarchal leadership to inspirational sustainable leadership by catalysing full power beings to step into their full power to balance their mental bodies, emotional bodies and physical bodies, to enable them to connect with their inner wisdom- otherwise known as intuition – for a life that works.

“What it means to be a man” is inspired by her journey as a Mother to her 9 year old son Noah the Kid, daughter to her Father Christopher James, (ex) wife to the Father of her child, Loris and her role as trusted advisor and change agent at The Ethics Centre, working daily with one of AFR’s True Boss Leaders of the 21st Century as well as her experience as a confidante and support to the people in power of corporate and not-for-profit global businesses over the past 18 years, travelling to over 35 countries, providing 6 star service on luxurious yachts in the Mediterranean, Baltic and Caribbean and managing exclusive events globally.

“My Dad has been my Hero my entire life” – Leigh Woodgate

What we talked about:
– the power of vulnerability
– her experience of supporting and witnessing men being vulnerable
– how she models vulnerability for her son
– her work in shifting patriarchal power structures to inspirational sustainable leadership
– balancing the divine masculine and divine feminine
And so much more!!

Leigh’s Bio:

Leigh is a business activator, leadership mentor and muse who transforms the lives of curious entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their full power. Her intentional approach to personal alignment, business and inspirational leadership and her profound ability to ignite, align and activate those with whom she works is shifting the paradigm of our world from a space of survival to a purposeful life that works. Her mission to bridge the gap between power and leadership through her signature 6 step personal alignment process “a journey through the woods: ignition-to-activation” teaches people to listen to their inner whispers and take courageous action. Leigh enables full power beings to connect with themselves and align with their true nature in order for them to reach their full potential. She believes that to thrive in this world, it is our authenticity and personal alignment that gets us there. Respect, discernment and compassion are keys to a balanced life.

As a  trusted advisor, truth speaker, lover of connection, magic maker, yoga teacher, change agent, strategic catalyst and influencer of influencers, Leigh lives to honour the beauty within all beings, enabling sustainable transformation from the inside out for a meaningful life of freedom, self-expression and purpose. By combining the essential pillars of being human; emotional intelligence, intellect, science and nature she provides soulful, deeply connected guidance, support, practical tools, daily practices and inspirational leadership to transform lives from the inside out.

As an expired contemporary dancer and pianist, lover of salsa dancing, novice martial artist, experienced yogi, daily work-in-progress of meditation, proud Mamma to her superb 9 year old boy, aspiring super hero, spiritual human, queen of eating, student for life, friendship freak, social butterfly, dappler in tantra, goddess of peace and quiet and recovering addict, she most certainly understands the journey to the mastery of personal alignment is not for the faint-hearted.

Her commitment to shift the paradigm of the current patriarchal social construct to a world of inspirational sustainable leadership through personal alignment for a world that works propels and fuels her each and every day to make a meaningful difference to each and every person who crosses her path. She emphasises the importance of relationships, integrity and adaptability. It is with her extensive and diverse experience in business strategy & operations, senior-level executive support, ethics & human resources, project and events management, sales, marketing & communication that has led to where she is today as she activates businesses and enables natural leaders and curious entrepreneurs to step into their full power. She makes the seemingly impossible possible. She a magic maker by birthright.

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Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook on her page Leigh Jane Woodgate, or should you wish to explore how our sexual energy fuels our businesses, join her newly launched, super fresh FB Group “Entrepreneurs with Libido” for delicious conversations and interesting perspectives on business and our life force.
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