Kellie Guenther is absolutely enthralling to listen to. In this episode she shares her journey to Spiritual Sustainability. She discusses how we can live in alignment with Mother Earth and what that involves.

Kellie has studied Environmental Biology and went on to obtain a Masters in Environmental Engineering Management. She has a diploma in yoga and is also intuitive. She utilises all of these complementary tools to offer an integrated and holistic approach to living in a way that embodies Spiritual Sustainability.

What we talked about:

  • Spiritual Sustainability is a fusion of spirituality and ethics A merging of ecological principles that earth is governed by.
  • How our society has forgotten it’s connection Mother Earth
  • The state of affairs as they are now and what we can do about it
  • How principles of yoga assist in caring for the earth and the self
  • What the ancients knew, that we have forgotten
  • How to make small changes and stay out of overwhelm
  • How to stay in the correct state of mind to have faith and be effective

Kellie works 1:1 with people wishing to deepen their connection to earth and do their best for it. She focuses on body, mind, soul and earth. It is an approach which is beneficial to the client as well as the planet, integrating the tools of yoga, science and intuition.

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