I am absolutely delighted and honoured to be joined in this podcast by the one and only Gita Gopalan. We had a really juicy deep dive conversation exploring her heritage, her culture and who she is.

Gita is a Senior Executive Search Researcher through her own consultancy business. She has a Graduate Certificate in Philanthropy and Not For Profits. She’s also a Reiki Practitioner and an Intuitive Guide. 

Gita is on a mission to share with professional men and women how to marry their intuition into their daily lives, and live a life on purpose. 

We talked about:

  • The importance of honouring one’s self first
  • Having ties with multiple countries and navigating finding one’s home
  • Trusting your own heart and judgement over other people’s opinions
  • The importance of education for women
  • Her support of the organisation ‘Room to Read
  • Bringing Capitalism, Not For Profit Philanthropy and living on purpose together

 On living a fearlessly, Gita says we can achieve this 

By listening to oneself. It’s normal to seek advice and opinions. However, I have always listened to myself. I’ve also had the courage. I created a very different life and it is one I love and cherish and that I’m very grateful for


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