In this podcast we chat to Meg Berryman and talk all things regarding Social Sacred Leadership. 

Meg’s message is that we are already social leaders and change makers in our families, our workplaces and our communities. 

She loves to inspire others to step into leadership.  She demonstrates how to cultivate a vision that inspired purpose in the everyday contributes not only to our own vitality and wellbeing, but to a kinder, more sustainable and equitable future for all.

We talked about: 

  • What is leadership?
  • What are the blocks women have around leadership?
  • The idea that our energy causes change in the world
  • How Meg spent 15 years trying to effect change through her actions alone
  • How a breakdown and healing process lead to understanding social change on a deeper, more holistic level
  • The importance of understanding that we are always causing an effect
  • The significance of looking in the shadows. Of sitting with the discomfort, in order to heal, grow and shift energy
  • The importance of having difficult conversations
  • The need to do Inner work and how it leads to a ripple effect of outer change
  • How to do the inner work, remove the blocks and take inspired action

Meg’s message is

An invitation. There comes a time when we really need to, as a species, as sisters, lovingly help each other to step into action.

There are enormous injustices happening in the world.  You are not responsible for changing all of them. However, if there is one issue, one focus, one thing behind you could bring your intentionality, wisdom and resources to, that really feels like it’s in alignment with you and your experiences, my invitation is to think about taking action. 

Meg’s Leadership Course is ‘Lead(her) – Self Empowerment for Social Leadership’, which you can find on her website 

Her Instagram is

Facebook page is:


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