Sharna’s message is one of wholeness. A reclamation of self. An occupation of space. She wishes to share that it all takes to truly be HERE is a moment. Then another. And there are practical steps that can be taken to bring that Presence and space into your life.

Sharna is a weaver of stories. Stories of space, presence, awareness. Stories of the Whole self – present self, past life selves, ancestral self. We draw from all the patterns around us. And it is within this acknowledgement that we find ourselves, come to know ourselves, accept ourselves. Sharna is a realist, a pursuer of deep connection, a lover of the vast Universe and daughter of the Goddess Consciousness. She mentors women to create the space to discover a life beyond the stresses, anxieties and pressures of life.

What we talked about: 

  • All Sharna’s life, she had pushed through obstacles to reach her goals. She pushed through everything in life, as a coping mechanism
  • She approached the impending birth of her baby boy Daire the same way
  • She’d had c-sections with her previous births. She felt this was an indication of an emotional or spiritual block that needed to be healed, which she was determined to discover and overcome
  • An emergency c-section for Daire eventuated, despite all Sharna’s work to avoid it
  • Complications from surgery resulted in a Near Death Experience
  • Sharna described the sense of calm, peace and expansion she experienced before and during this experience
  • Her reasons for choosing to return to this life
  • PTSD and the adjustment period that followed reintegrating into her life in this physical realm
  • Turning points in putting her life back together and overcoming anxiety
  • Simple techniques she has learned to focus on a single task and be present
  • Understanding, acknowledging and integrating the present self, past life self and ancestral self. 
  • How to find clues to who you really are and your purpose

If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be just to take and do one thing at a time. In those stressed and frazzled times, there is space to breath for just a moment and have a look at what I can do, one thing at a time. Bringing everything back to one thing at a time. Even to the the point of one thought at a time. 

 Sharna can be found on Facebook here

Sharna has a membership ‘Moment by Moment’ which is run as a circle. You can private message Sharna via her Facebook page to enquire about the availability of spaces. 

 Sharna’s website can be found here


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