Kerry Wilde is a Slow Fashion expert bridging the worlds of Spirituality, Sustainability and Adornment.

Spending over 25 years in the Fast Fashion industry, she now has one mission and that is to guide through ‘The Art of Slow’, a platform delivering empowering workshops, swap shop events and tailored adornment sessions for those wishing to leave a legacy on the planet.

Kerry is set to awaken and inspire a new wave of Buying, Wearing and Loving our Clothes. 

If more consumers are asking questions, the brand is going to have to break at some point. And as we know with, circle work, it takes what we call the millionth circle to change the consciousness. So it’s about that.  That one question that you’re maybe asking that brand. Who made it and what were they paid? Because a lot of this comes down to the fact that the £5 or $5 T-Shirt is not real. It doesn’t exist. Somewhere,  somebody is being squeezed at the bottom of the chain.

What we talked about:

  • Kerry’s journey from fast fashion to slow fashion
  • How our clothes are made and the social and environmental harm that is caused
  • The lineage of our clothes and accessories and how to connect to pieces in our wardrobes
  • Kerry’s view of a circular economy and embracing circular living as going beyond recycling and being a good eco tenant
  • How the #artofslow is the art of becoming more yourselves
  • The Art of Adornment – how to create intimate connections with ourselves and our clothes through adornment, spirituality and ethics
  • The “Love Story” pieces in your collection

 Connect with Kerry: 

To join Kerry’s 40 Day Fashion Detox program, send her a message via one of her platforms below. 


Insta: @Art.of.slow


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