Welcome to the 50th episode of the Spirited Sisters Podcast!

I’m so excited to be celebrating 50 episodes by having this conversation with the incredible Olivia de Sousa-Ferres. She has not only my VA who produces this podcast, but she’s an incredible singer, songwriter and entertainer for children.

She stands for joyous, empowered, happy, confident kids for kids being kids, for kids having fun and for kids believing in themselves.  No matter what.

Her songs contain messages that encourage self-love. In the process of finding and delivering her message for children, Olivia says that she discovered that,

Everything that we want our kids to, to learn, it’s usually a lesson that we have to learn ourselves as adults also.

What we talk about:

  • Her journey to becoming a singer songwriter for children
  • Her creative process
  • Her deep love for and belief in children
  • The value of going within for guidance and direction versus comparison to others
  • Helping children with challenging social situations and exclusion
  • Her songs as affirmations for children
  • What she has learned from the creative process

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