When you hear the phrase “Signature Circle,” what comes to mind?

I believe that creating your unique Circle format is an essential practice for Circle Holders.

It takes time, but once you’ve developed your signature Circle, you possess a beautiful and reliable format that can be adapted to the theme and setting for all your Circles.

A signature circle is a consistent and unique structure that supports you to hold space for others with integrity, clarity and confidence. Whether it’s for a group of friends, a business meeting, or a community gathering, having a signature circle can offer a sense of familiarity and comfort, nurturing a safe and inclusive environment for participants.

As a facilitator or host, my signature circle grounds me and keeps me present, knowing that I have a tried and true format that works for me.

Now, you might wonder if a signature circle could become monotonous or repetitive. This is a valid concern, but I want to assure you that no two circles are ever the same, even if you follow the same format. The people, energy, and intentions that enter the space always make it a unique and distinct experience.

How do you create your signature circle?

The process resembles any act of creation, whether it’s writing, cooking, or making art.

First, you need inspiration or an idea to work with. It could stem from a theme, a specific intention, or a feeling you wish to cultivate in the space. Once you have that spark, you can delve deeper through research or introspection, enriching your understanding.

Next comes the planning phase, where you consider the structure of the circle such as:

• The intention and meaningful purpose of your Circle

• The concepts, themes and practices you’ll be sharing

• Who your circles are for

• The format of your Circle

• Transitions between elements and practices

• The opening and closing ritual / ceremony

• The time to be allocated for different aspects of your Circle

• Logistics of how the circle is to be held

These considerations are essential in creating a cohesive and intentional experience.

Then we reach the moment of holding the circle itself; when your unique circle shines as you follow the format you’ve created. Remember, even if you follow the same structure for multiple circles, each one will be unique and distinct based on the people and energy present.

Finally, allow time after each Circle you hold to reflect on the experience and any reflections or feedback you received and refine your Circle.

Crafting a signature Circle requires time and effort, but it becomes a rewarding and fulfilling part of your journey as a facilitator or host.

What are the benefits of doing so?

It’s important to note that creating your unique Circle is never about striving for perfection or a fixed concept. Instead, it reflects who you are and what you bring to the space. This means that your Circle is always evolving, transforming, and growing as you gain new insights, learn from experiences, and embrace new perspectives. Emphasising authenticity and true connection is the essence, rather than pursuing an unattainable ideal of flawlessness.

The benefits of creating your Signature Circle include:

  • Provides familiarity and consistency for participants.
  • Allows you to infuse the space with your unique voice and perspective.
  • Reflects your personal experiences, cultural heritage, and ancestral wisdom.
  • Evolves and grows as you embrace new insights and perspectives
  • Invites you to focus on authenticity rather than perfection.

I invite you to take some time to reflect on what your signature circle could look like. Consider how you can incorporate it into your work, drawing from your holistic and nurturing approach, informed by your lived experience, modalities, cultural heritage, and traditions, whilst honouring the diverse backgrounds and experiences of those you hold space for.

In Summary:

A signature circle is a unique and evolving creation rooted in personal experiences, cultural heritage, and ancestral wisdom; a creation that is truly yours, cultivated from your experiences, learnings, and deep-rooted connections.

I believe that it is an integral part of both creating a unique, powerful and transformative circle experience for those that come, and in embracing sharing circles as spaces for collective care and sacred activism.

If you’d like further guidance on creating your signature Circle, I have a free 10-day course* on YouTube, or if you’re ready to dive deeper into the art, craft and skills of holding unique, powerful and transformative Circles for these times, you’ll find detail of all my courses here.

And if you’d like to receive my circle musings straight into your in-box, you can subscribe for free on Substack. This is where I explore how the architecture and process of gathering in Circle co-creates spaces of sanctuary and rebellion in (r)evolutionary times.

*My work has evolved since recording this course and now centres on sharing Circles rather than specifically on women’s Circles. This free course remains a great introduction to holding Circles.

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