As women we are natural storytellers. Whether we’re telling mythical stories or our own stories, there’s so much power in the telling.

When it comes to the events of our life, even if we’ve managed to process things so we are no longer IN the story, the story  matters; the narrative is important to the human experience.

Awful things can happen and we can still find our way; one of the things that can help us do that is the ability to share our story in the knowledge that we are being held and supported as we share.

Sisterhood has brought that to me.

I’m a former lawyer turned Sacred Circle Holder. I have been initiated into the Occult wisdom and trained in the leading edge science of intuition. I answered the calling to step into the role of Circle Holder and now mentor other women who want to come to greater self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance through either holding or participating in women’s circles.

I am the creator and founder of the Sistermind and Circle School, host of the Spirited Sisters Podcast, Certified Practitioner in the Intuitive Intelligence® Method, Certified Food Coach, Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert, mother, entrepreneur and spiritual activist. 

My sacred service is holding space for your journey of self-recovery. Whether you’re seeking to uncover or align with your deeper purpose or to step into the role of Circle Holder I am here to guide, support and mentor you.

“Your scars are someone else’s signs of hope.”

Danielle LaPorte

I hold sacred space for women.This is my absolute soul purpose and my gift to the world. 

The reason I hold sacred space for women, the reason I find it such an essential offering in the world, is that I spent much of my life seeking sisterhood… seeking that feeling of being held in a nurturing, supportive and non-judgmental space where I could express my vulnerability and power and be honoured and celebrated, rather than pitied or patronised.

My story has not always been pleasant, but it has brought me to exactly where I need to be. It has shown me the gifts I can offer the world, the gifts that are so important for women to share.

Like so many of us, I have experienced trauma, loss, grief, addiction, depression, anxiety and pain; and I have experienced joy, compassion, gratitude, love, forgiveness and growth. 

My first experience of feeling held in a sacred, non-judgmental healing space was a women’s only self-help meeting. This group allowed me to express my fears, my hopes and my disappointments. They didn’t judge my story or my failures – they accepted me for who I was. That was my first experience of ‘sisterhood.’

Whilst pregnant, I attended my first women’s circle at our local red tent. I was filled with my usual anxiety of groups and dreaded my turn to speak. With a previous life in a professional environment that fostered competition and gossip, I was still mistrustful of women’s groups and fearful of being judged or ridiculed.

I took my place in this Circle and listened to other’s birthing stories. The level of intimacy between the women was something I had never experienced before. I was nervous but spoke from my heart; I shared my fear of losing another pregnancy and my fear of giving birth. I was seen, heard and accepted. I was not offered advice or platitudes; I was received and honoured just as I was in that moment.

Six months after birthing my son, my partner and I were navigating our way through being in business together and learning to be parents. We slowly started to unravel from one another. The friendships that I had embraced whilst pregnant slipped away as I worked harder and harder. I entered a spiral of stress, lack of sleep and anxiety. I was failing at everything. I had spent two decades dedicated to self-improvement and growth and yet, I felt stuck and alone.

I remembered that first circle and craved the deep and intimate connection that I had experienced. Despite my anxious and introverted nature, I felt called to start a women’s Circle.When I answered that calling, I recognised that I was responding to something ancient within me.

My innate sense of how to hold space for others without giving advice, platitudes or sympathy lent itself naturally to leading circles that cultivate connection, loyalty and trust between women. My current quest is to guide every woman I can to experience the sacred power of sisterhood. Gathering in Circle provides a sacred space in which self-worth can flourish and helps us to relinquish the need for validation from others.

I have aligned with the deeper purpose of my life and circle medicine is  my sacred offering in the world.

Learn more about how you can work with me here or click here for upcoming information on Circle School events.


“Mitle Southey is a profound holder of space for women to gather together to meet their own sacred natures. Mitle facilitates the meeting place of the divine and the mundane, so we can perceive our life situations from a higher plane, yet remain firmly grounded in the world. This marriage of the divine and the human in each woman who sits in circle with Mitle is a powerful gift of self-acceptance and transmutation of fear into love. Together, we are unafraid to be ALL that we are. It is a skill beyond the ordinary realms of consciousness to be able to serve others in this way, and Mitle possesses this power with humility and power.”

Ricci-Jane Adams, PhD

Principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, Institute for Intuitive Intelligence