is not like any other course on intuition


We’re not dabbling with “how can I get what I want” manifestation.

We’re not learning how to use oracle cards to tell us what we want to hear.

We’re not creating personal superstitions as a crutch!

We are learning:

How our intuition actually works, why it works like that and how to access it on demand (no tricks or trinkets required)

How to cultivate our spiritual self-esteem in order to fully trust our intuition

Powerful tools rooted in ancient mystical traditions and now shown by science to shift us into the optimal state to receive our intuition; these tools require nothing outside of ourselves

At the end of our 12-weeks together, you will know why everyone is intuitive, what is stopping you from receiving your intuition clearly, how to connect to your intuition and how to cultivate the courage to take the action you are guided to do.

You know you’re intuitive but don’t trust your intuition; 

You worry that your intuition is broken; 

You wonder whether maybe some people are intuitive and some people just aren’t, and you aren’t!

Awaken is the course for YOU!

Awaken is quite simply the most revolutionary form of intuition development available:

We learn to activate our intuitive intelligence by breaking through the subconscious fears that are blocking our intuition

We master the 3 immutable laws that govern our life, and yet are largely unknown to the world, to increase our intuition

We explore the leading-edge science of intuition and the role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence 

We engage with daily practices to turn our intuition into intuitive intelligence 

We learn to command our intuition into consistent action, knowing that there is never a moment when you are not living your intuitive knowing

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself.” 

Alan Alda

This course is interactive, experiential and fun!!

My intention is to share with you the theory, the science, the practices, the practical application, and my experience, and support you fully as you activate your intuitive intelligence over the 12-week course and beyond!

I have intentionally structured the program over 12-weeks to allow plenty of time to digest new information, integrate the practices, reflect and ask questions to reduce overwhelm and increase understanding.

You will be scaffolded and supported by me throughout the whole program.

The Program


Opening Circle: Formula for Intuitive Intelligence


The kinds of intuition


The science of non-local intuition


 Integration week


Reading week


The Law of Mentalism


The Law of Correspondence


The Law of Vibration


Integration week


Energetic Protection


Spiritual Sight


Closing Circle: Receiving Intuitive Guidance

BONUS: 4-week Soul Invitation Mini-Course access upon enrolment

Program Details

When you join you will be invited into the Facebook group to connect with the community.

You will have immediate access to the 4-week Soul Invitation Mini-Course to get you started.

You will have access to the AWAKEN playlist of guided practices

You will have access to the Reading and Resources List if you wish to do some extra reading

This course meets the prerequisite requirements for The Third Level if you wish to go on and train as an Intuitive Guide.

You have lifetime access (for the life of the course) to the community, lessons and resources

You need to know…

I am deeply committed to teaching this in the best way I know how to and as I teach, I expand my understanding of the theory and practices.

In this course, I will share with you the tools and processes that I have learned to activate my intuitive intelligence. This has transformed my life and business in multiple ways.

Whilst I can’t guarantee the same result for you, I can guarantee that if you follow the program, show up and apply the practices you will have everything you need to increase your intuition.

I am not interested in allowing you to stay in your comfort zone.

I will do all I can to ensure that you get freakishly intuitive and transform your life and to do that, you will have to expand and grow and meet your fear!

And please know that I can be irreverent and sarcastic and I do swear at times.

I am so excited to be delivering this course and sharing this revolutionary form of intuition development with you. I very much hope that you will jump in and join me for this round!

With love and gratitude 


The Next Round of Awaken Begins

Awaken is live and alive over 12 weeks starting March 30th 2020

Upfront Payment: $555

Payment Plan: $55/week for 12 weeks

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