051 Sora Surya No: Mind & Spirit Mastery For Entrepreneurs

Sora Surya No works with sovereign spiritual womxn entrepreneurs to incorporate the art of feeling sacred into our business through earth-based practices. Her mission is to remind spiritual womxn leaders that they have an equitable place in entrepreneurship.What we talked about: 

  • Deep path of spiritual awakening
  • Embracing the archetypal energy of a priestess as a way of realising her full potential to be of great service to herself and her inner work first, and then to her community
  • Honouring and bringing together the divine feminine and masculine in life and business
  • Unpacking preconceived stories we have around ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’
  • Sacred masculine is a container. Makes logic and sense and creating amazing action.
  • Divine harmony is when we weave the masculine and feminine together
  • Sovereign Spiritual Women – women who have businesses and use spiritual practices
  • Becoming aware of blocks. When are you in the conflict triangle?
  • What it means to understand our sovereignty
  • What it means to have boundaries
  • How to deal with your triggers
  • Becoming a viewer of yourself and your habitual roles and patterns, such as roles of victim and persecutor
  • Earth Based Practices helping us return back into our body and feel our emotions and to recognise what is happening in our mind and then our ethereal bodies. 
  • Practices include mindfulness, mediation, yoga, ritual practices to honour what is around you
  • Awareness of collective consciousness
  • Altar Crafts as holograms that connect our internal energy system with the cosmic realm
  • The Emerald Dragon tablet is a map that helps support women identifying leaders who not only are deep in their spiritual practice but also desire to work in allowing their business to grow.
  • Sora’s mastermind is a place where women can come together in the sacred business mastermind.  Where they are leading from their hearts, being truly tapped into their emotions and then be informed so that they can use their minds to create brilliant strategies that are in integrity with their values.

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050 Livvi: Musical Affirmations for Kids

Welcome to the 50th episode of the Spirited Sisters Podcast!

I’m so excited to be celebrating 50 episodes by having this conversation with the incredible Olivia de Sousa-Ferres. She has not only my VA who produces this podcast, but she’s an incredible singer, songwriter and entertainer for children.

She stands for joyous, empowered, happy, confident kids for kids being kids, for kids having fun and for kids believing in themselves.  No matter what.

Her songs contain messages that encourage self-love. In the process of finding and delivering her message for children, Olivia says that she discovered that,

Everything that we want our kids to, to learn, it’s usually a lesson that we have to learn ourselves as adults also.

What we talk about:

  • Her journey to becoming a singer songwriter for children
  • Her creative process
  • Her deep love for and belief in children
  • The value of going within for guidance and direction versus comparison to others
  • Helping children with challenging social situations and exclusion
  • Her songs as affirmations for children
  • What she has learned from the creative process

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049 Kerry Wilde: The Art of Slow Fashion

Kerry Wilde is a Slow Fashion expert bridging the worlds of Spirituality, Sustainability and Adornment.

Spending over 25 years in the Fast Fashion industry, she now has one mission and that is to guide through ‘The Art of Slow’, a platform delivering empowering workshops, swap shop events and tailored adornment sessions for those wishing to leave a legacy on the planet.

Kerry is set to awaken and inspire a new wave of Buying, Wearing and Loving our Clothes. 

If more consumers are asking questions, the brand is going to have to break at some point. And as we know with, circle work, it takes what we call the millionth circle to change the consciousness. So it’s about that.  That one question that you’re maybe asking that brand. Who made it and what were they paid? Because a lot of this comes down to the fact that the £5 or $5 T-Shirt is not real. It doesn’t exist. Somewhere,  somebody is being squeezed at the bottom of the chain.

What we talked about:

  • Kerry’s journey from fast fashion to slow fashion
  • How our clothes are made and the social and environmental harm that is caused
  • The lineage of our clothes and accessories and how to connect to pieces in our wardrobes
  • Kerry’s view of a circular economy and embracing circular living as going beyond recycling and being a good eco tenant
  • How the #artofslow is the art of becoming more yourselves
  • The Art of Adornment – how to create intimate connections with ourselves and our clothes through adornment, spirituality and ethics
  • The “Love Story” pieces in your collection

 Connect with Kerry: 

To join Kerry’s 40 Day Fashion Detox program, send her a message via one of her platforms below. 

Website www.theartofslow.co

Insta: @Art.of.slow

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/artofslow/

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048 Sharna O’Sullivan: Near Death & Finding Presence

Sharna’s message is one of wholeness. A reclamation of self. An occupation of space. She wishes to share that it all takes to truly be HERE is a moment. Then another. And there are practical steps that can be taken to bring that Presence and space into your life.

Sharna is a weaver of stories. Stories of space, presence, awareness. Stories of the Whole self – present self, past life selves, ancestral self. We draw from all the patterns around us. And it is within this acknowledgement that we find ourselves, come to know ourselves, accept ourselves. Sharna is a realist, a pursuer of deep connection, a lover of the vast Universe and daughter of the Goddess Consciousness. She mentors women to create the space to discover a life beyond the stresses, anxieties and pressures of life.

What we talked about: 

  • All Sharna’s life, she had pushed through obstacles to reach her goals. She pushed through everything in life, as a coping mechanism
  • She approached the impending birth of her baby boy Daire the same way
  • She’d had c-sections with her previous births. She felt this was an indication of an emotional or spiritual block that needed to be healed, which she was determined to discover and overcome
  • An emergency c-section for Daire eventuated, despite all Sharna’s work to avoid it
  • Complications from surgery resulted in a Near Death Experience
  • Sharna described the sense of calm, peace and expansion she experienced before and during this experience
  • Her reasons for choosing to return to this life
  • PTSD and the adjustment period that followed reintegrating into her life in this physical realm
  • Turning points in putting her life back together and overcoming anxiety
  • Simple techniques she has learned to focus on a single task and be present
  • Understanding, acknowledging and integrating the present self, past life self and ancestral self. 
  • How to find clues to who you really are and your purpose

If I could go back and tell myself one thing, it would be just to take and do one thing at a time. In those stressed and frazzled times, there is space to breath for just a moment and have a look at what I can do, one thing at a time. Bringing everything back to one thing at a time. Even to the the point of one thought at a time. 

 Sharna can be found on Facebook here

Sharna has a membership ‘Moment by Moment’ which is run as a circle. You can private message Sharna via her Facebook page to enquire about the availability of spaces. 

 Sharna’s website can be found here


047 Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams: Sacred Leadership

WIn this episode I’m in conversation with Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams, principal of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. She teaches women all around the world to qualify as clinically trained intuitive guides. Ricci-Jane supports her students to increase their power to serve by activating the archetypal energy of the priestess, mystic and leader within each woman she works with. Ultimately, Ricci-Jane’s work reminds these incredible women that they are infinite, unlimited, non-local God/dess consciousness.

I trained with the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence as and Intuitive Guide and recently completed the Higher Power course. 

We talked about:

  • What sacred leadership is
  • Embracing that you are leader if you’re on a spiritual path
  • The difference between leadership and patriarchal / hierarchical power
  • Why guru culture must end
  • The importance of looking at other’s behaviour symbolically or archetypically, so we don’t take it personally
  • The formula for Sacred Leadership: humility, grace and power
  • How we need to meet our fear to evolve

Ricci-Jane says

Sacred leadership is the fullest expression of what you are, which is God. Know thyself and you will know you are god. 

As a leader you magnetize people towards you positively or negatively because you’re doing something outside the ordinary.

The first step is humility. If you accept praise as though you did anything, you have fallen into the first trap. Humility is knowing this is God moving through you.  You are the humble servant. People want to believe you have something special so they don’t have to be the special magic for themselves. 

The ultimate truth is that there is only one of us here. If I deny the truth of who I am, I am denying it for everybody. 


To find out more about the Institute of Intuitive Intelligence, click here

For the Higher Power:  A New Formula For Spiritual Leadership course click here

For details of the Initiate Program Ireland Tour click here

Ricci-Jane’s website is here

And you can find her on Facebook here


029 Design a lifestyle where success is created from the inside out | Sobia Zafar

Design a lifestyle where success is created from the inside out.

Sobia shares how she opens her arms to what life has to offer.
She started her life in Pakistan then moved to Switzerland where she studied business. Her journey has taken her from entrepreneur, to the United Nations, to working with Fortune 500 companies and she back to the entrepreneurial world as a Coach.
Sobia is a rebel at heart, unwilling to compromise on living a joyous and meaningful life. As a transformational coach, she empowers brilliant women in the corporate and business world do the same – leading them to nurture their souls and live wholeheartedly.

“Whenever life offered an opportunity, I said yes. Then take the action. This is how I got to where I am today” – Sobia Zafar

What we talked about:
– Her journey from entrepreneur to the United Nations to the corporate world and back to entrepreneurship.
– the concepts of tiny shifts and how they create exponential results.
– how we can make aligned choices and take inspired action.
– what living wholeheartedly actually means.
And so much more!!

Sobia’s Bio:

Sobia Zafar is a leadership mentor and a transformational coach for corporate and business leaders, helping them to create more joy, confidence and meaning in their lives.

Sobia has worked with the United Nations and Fortune 100 companies on transformational projects and has created internationally acclaimed leadership groups to bring about global change.

Sobia as an author and speaker, shares how we show up more powerfully in all areas of our lives through clarity of vision and deep connections within ourselves. She makes things simple, gives hope to her listeners and motivates them to make the “tiny shifts” that create exponential results.

Sobia completed her Masters in Business in Switzerland. She is married mother of two and lives in Sydney, but remains a global nomad at heart.
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