038 Swapna Thomas: Show up, Speak up, Stand up

The final episode of this season is an incredible conversation with Swapna Thomas.

Swapna is a Marketing Coach and Content Strategist and we dive into that and go far beyond it!

What we talked about:

  • sustainable and joyful business by being YOU
  • Purpose and Personality
  • Inner Engineering
  • the principles of Yoga
  • Being a feminist in India and the impact of Colonialism
  • Addressing the patriarchy
  • Why she describes herself as a spiritual explorer
  • Her 4 Ps – personal, purpose, people profits
  • Sharing your story and how to be alluring, compelling and intriguing

Official Bio:

Business consultant and coach to women coaches and online entrepreneurs. I help you #ownyourzone, be more visible & stay authentic by clarifying your message & content marketing strategy.

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037 On Being a Hedonist | Renée Mayne

I was recently interviewed by Renée Mayne which I shared here – listen in to episode 33. This time the tables are turned and I have the honour of asking the questions.

Renée‘s mission is to guide others to allow themselves to receive pleasure, so they can open up the floodgates to abundance.

The Hedonistic Way creates a way of life and a pleasure centric business to serve and build abundance. She works with outlaws, creators, mystics and magicians who don’t want to conform and instead want to activate, integrate and embody their own version of service, happiness and success. This is for those who are at that time where all the wheels are in motion, but none of them are in unison and you’re kicking goals, yet you know there is more… more pleasure, exploration and depth to discover.

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Lean in and listen to the body
  • Intuition, self-pleasure and orgasms
  • Ask yourself “who am I when I don’t need anyone and they don’t need me?”
  • The definition of a “hedonist”
  • How the doing is determined by the being
  • Having the courage to have hard conversations with yourself
  • Everyone’s calling is to be the most honest expression of who they are
  • Why it’s important to stop the scroll!
  • How to be tapped in, tuned in and turned in
  • Cross-pollination in life and business
  • Vulnerability and letting your womb whisper
  • A little lesson in language
Journaling Prompts:
Who am I when I don’t need anyone and they don’t need me?
How can I be the most honest expression of myself today?
Official Bio:
Queen Hedonist and the creator of The Hedonistic Way and Bra Queen, business and leadership alchemist, poetic speaker, lover of spoken word and a chronic over-sharer. Creating a way of life and a pleasure centric business to serve and build abundance.

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036 Spiritual Lawyer | Ange De Lumiere

Spiritual Lawyer – Ange De Lumiere

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting to the incredible Ange De Lumiere. We are both former lawyers who have followed a new path. Ange now describes herself as a Spiritual Lawyer.
This is a beautiful and unusual conversation around spirituality, business practices and the Akashic Records.
What we talked about:
– what a “Spiritual Lawyer” is
– how we can heal the divide between traditional business and spiritual entrepreneurs
– Inspired Leadership
– what the Akashic Records are and why your business and your book has a record you can access
– the difference between an Akashic Records reading and a psychic reading
– how to access the Akashic Records
– Ange shares a live Akashic Records reading for me which was incredibly powerful
Official Bio
After a fifteen year flourishing career as an international business lawyer traveling the world, negotiating contracts and joint ventures, I branched out and explored the fascinating world of intuition by training in various modalities. Then in November 2017, I decided to join the Psychic Business Academy run by Carrie Cardoso, because I had a burning desire to go back into corporate and bring the magic that I had learnt for well over ten years to help entrepreneurs and decision makers function at their highest possible potential through the harnessing of the bigger picture. I now offer Business Akashic Records readings. If you are interested (or intrigued) feel free to message me and let’s start a conversation. I also offer packages.
Journaling Prompts:
What does inspired leadership mean to you?
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035 Dare to Dream | Brenda Mangalore

Episode 35 – Brenda Mangalore

“Dare to take your big dream seriously. Then take the next step.” – Brenda Mangalore
Brenda Mangalore is an Artist. Dreamer, Doodler, Mama & Self-proclaimed Chief Creativity Catalyst & Matriarch of Muse Mamas. 
Her calling is to create art that strikes a chord in your heart, and resonates with you on a sublime level, beyond words. Whether that’s her colourful abstract paintings, creativity resources like online workshops & booklets or leading her village of Muse Mama members…

She inspires ambitious & spiritual women to live a life of JOYFUL PURPOSE in connection with creativity – with their Muse.
Her message is that:
You ARE creative – you may need to find your spark & get into the habit of creativity. Your creativity is the source of life & the seed you need to move towards your Big Dreams.

You ARE worthy/allowed/free to want MORE than where you are at — that dissatisfaction you feel is your calling nudging you forward to your next chapter. DARE to take that Big Dream seriously and take the next step TODAY.
What we talked about:

– her journey to becoming an artist
– the intention behind her art, her inspiration and how she embraces and listens to that
– what she means by “muse”
– what she would say to a woman who say “I am NOT creative”
– how we can reclaim the idea of “creativity” and why it’s so important
– how we can get into the habit of creativity
– the connection between creativity and living in alignment
– how we can embrace that nudge / dissatisfaction with where we’re at and recognise that it’s calling us forward
Official Bio:
Brenda creates art that’s about connection to ourselves, and each other.
For her, Art is like faith and love, chaos and structure. There is beauty in the mess! 
And if we let it, art can be an anchor of self-expression in our spaces and in our lives. 
Brenda is known for her multi-layered colourful abstract paintings, and intricate typographic drawings of inspired words of life, love and faith.
With her intuitive style, love of colour and intricate details, means you’ll get artwork that continues to speak to you as you live with it.
Because art should be more than just something pretty to look at! Art can inspire you to express yourself and honour your own unfolding story.
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034 Dream Crazy | Kathy Wong

Episode 34 – Kathy Wong

In this episode I chat with Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco. Kathy has a burning passion to make a meaningful difference in the world – to inspire a community of individual, encourage them to hope, to live their dreams, to create change and take meaningful action in the world.
Moeloco means Dream Crazy and that is what we talk about.
Here’s what we cover in this episode:
– the desire to make a difference in the world
– how to begin and what you can do when you’re first starting out in business
– the story behind Moeloco and how she founded it
– what social entrepreneurship is all about and why it’s a good model
– the launch of Dream Crazy TV
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033 Replay – The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show | Renée Mayne

Replay – The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show

This is the replay of an interview recorded for the The Hedonistic Way @ Midday Show on Renées FB page.

What we talked about:
  • Radical Alignment.
  • Refining what circle work is and what it is NOT.
  • Why we pretend, avoid and FEAR facing our shit AND why we need to.
  • How big dreams can create lots of inaction.
  • The power of intention and what you need to ask yourself if you’re thinking about starting circles…. and of course sooooo much more.

Renée’s Bio:

Renée is an unorthodox and freakishly gifted visionary, who will guide you to transform your life and business so that you are living your legacy and the happiest, most fulfilled version of yourself.
The transformation began with Renée, and if she can do it anyone can.
It is from this space that she creates the most sacred, savvy and strategic business concepts because it gives her the ability to take 21 years of business experience and transmute it into something that is so powerful you are immediately living your life in your truth…
Creator of Australia’s largest independent lingerie resource, Bra Queen and the media calls her, “One of the most inspiring speakers in Melbourne.”
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