044 Carlie Maree: Soul Modes

Hello and welcome to this episode of the Spirited Sisters Podcast.  I am beyond excited to be joined today by the one and only Carlie Maree. Carlie is a dear friend and a woman whose work I have dived into since meeting her on retreat. And we’re also in a Mastermind together.

She has a capacity to take complex information and teach it in a way that is truly understandable. Her drive and devotion to helping women make a difference in the world is impeccable. She’s building an incredible community of dynamic and powerful women.  Through this she has created Soul Modes, a framework which is really enhancing that community’s capacity to show up, to make a difference and to be all of themselves.

Carlie is curious.  She’s inquisitive. She asks absolutely incredible questions.  I am so honoured to have her as a guest today.

Carlie, how did you come to understand that we are not one ordinary woman but we are four extraordinary women?

Soul Modes is a lifelong research project that I’m a couple of years into playing with. Around 2 years ago, the life plan had I created, that is, to get the husband, the 2 and a half kids, the white picket fence, that dream life I thought I was building was ripped out from underneath me. My marriage broke down and I was not okay.

I’d spent a lot of time in my marriage thinking I was crazy. I was always up and down. I felt like I was always a bit all over the place and on an emotional roller coaster. I knew my husband found me a challenge to deal with as a result. I was trying to fix my marriage and I was convinced I was a bit broken.

Through the healing process I read lots of personal development books and tried to figure myself out. I started trying to figure out when I felt good and when I didn’t and what was going on. I started tracking the moon, learning about lunar cycles, working with crystals, trying meditation and different healers.

I learned about this idea that we cycle through 4 different phases through our menstrual cycle. So I tried tracking the moon and the menstrual cycle and I tried to figure out my pattern. I tried to track my motivation and mood to see if I could ‘hack’ it. I found that nothing was working for me.

One day in a meditation I had a very clear voice come to me and say, ‘There is nothing wrong with you.’ So I decided to stop looking outwards and I started looking in.

I started journaling each day and figuring out what I needed and I found there was a really clear pattern. Four modes. I gave them 4 nicknames.

I realised my moods happened exactly in the same order. I started talking about it. I started finding it was happening to others! And Soul Modes was born!

When I first heard this I was skeptical. I track the moon and menstrual cycle. It pushed my buttons as it seemed contrary to that. But I have become a passionate convert. Can you give us an overview?

The Four modes together I call a ‘Soul Cycle’. The four modes that make up the Soul Cycle I call the Soul Modes.  They are Wild Mode, Bear Mode, Super Mode and Sparkle Mode.

It’s like at any time we have all four women inside us, but only one of them is driving, the others take back seats so that she (the ‘driver’) can get what she needs.

We often talk about having to ‘fill our cup’. We don’t just have one. We have four cups. This approach is a radical take on self care.

In each mode there’s a deep yearning. When that yearning gets filled, we shift into the next mode.  If you pay attention and track this, you’re going to speed this thing up. So your output will increase, your motivation and growth massively explode. It’s indescribably powerful.

So can you explain the four modes? The four woman inside us?


She’s my favourite. She’s a wild woman. She wants to make changes. She’s the CEO of your life. She decides what needs to change for you to move forward to the next level version of you, so that you can grow.

That can come out as frustration at the lack of progress. The whispers in the back of your mind of discontent become intolerable. This is when you might need to declutter, kick start your fitness and diet for example.

It’s unimaginable for your wild woman that you don’t already have the life that deep down in your soul you know you’re supposed to have.

But if you don’t know you’re in wild mode, you might just start tearing the house apart and get cranky with everybody.

You need to find an outlet for her. Like cleaning out a cupboard. Art. Writing. Journalling. Shopping.


The plunge into bear mode can feel challenging, particularly if you’ve had an intense Wild Mode. The motivation to make changes drops and it becomes a sense of stillness. Some of the underlying thought patterns and limiting beliefs/inner critic stuff comes to the surface.

This is the time where you can feel in a slump, unmotivated, and question your abilities.

Bear mode is like when you have a dripping tap in your house that you’re not aware of until the noise stops and it’s quiet enough to hear. It’s the time you realise what needs attention to be fixed.

It’s the time you can address the underlying things that are happening that are stopping you from achieving what your wild woman wants to do.

If you have ambitions in wild mode, then in bear mode all your self doubt about achieving that comes up.

If you know this, it’s powerful, because you have the opportunity to deal with that. To journal through that or meditate on it. To bust some fears.

Sometimes what you need in bear mode is a rest and a nap.


This is when you feel, ‘I can do everything! In fact I will right now! Let me write a list!’.  This is when you decide to get a wall planner, a diary, create a meal plan and take action.

It has a masculine vibe. It’s a time you can get frustrated with people not keeping up with your pace.

Your Inner super human craves tangible results. She wants to get shit done. She wants to write a list and tick stuff off.

Fluffing around and meditating is hard at this time.

If you run a business, you’ll probably get most of your week’s work done in this mode.


Sparkle Mode is beautiful. If we were in Super Mode all the time, the people around us would probably feel neglected, because we are focused on our work and wanting to get things done.

Sparkle mode is like we’re a sparkly fairy. Very nurturing. Quite feminine. It’s a motherly energy.

Your inner Sparkly Fairy craves connection. When we crave connection and want to be very present, this is sparkle. Want to make love. We want to cuddle our babies.

The challenge is we have no focus whatsoever. I have always been in Sparkle Mode when I drop my laptop or ding the car when parking.

We need to find ways to keep ourselves on track.

How do you recommend we track our modes?

Ask yourself, ‘What do I feel like doing today?’. Do you feel like snuggling with your babies or doing a big keynote talk? Take note of what you are craving.

Also, share this with the women around you. Often they can reflect back to you where you are at.

It can be challenging to pick what mode you’re in right now, because you think, ‘I’m always like this!’. So note down what you are craving, and then notice how it changes.

It’s easier to spot the pattern than it is to spot the mode you’re in right now. You can begin to notice the contrast between modes.

Soul Modes for Motivation and Self Care

As women we can work with knowing there is meaning to our modes and that we can work with them.

Your Wild woman is the CEO. She wants to get you to where you want to be. Your next level version of you.

Bear Mode is board of directors. Their job is to lock themselves away in a room and have a look at what the CEO wants and then look at the risks and check whether it’s right and in line with our values.

Being in tune with your Soul Modes means you can understand how to fill your cup. The quicker you fill you cup, the quicker you cycle through your Soul Modes.  If you put drips of water into a cup, it’s going to take a lot longer to fill. The more you fill your cup, the quicker you can move on.

With the women I’ve studied, in the beginning each mode generally takes 4-5 days. Once they have become aware and have taken care of themselves accordingly, it generally has gone down to around 2 days.

Not wanting to get out of bed does not necessarily mean depression. Sometimes it’s just self care and it will pass. You can just surrender to it. The more you surrender, the more Super you can be on the other side.

My advice is to let each woman, each mode, do their job.

Soul Modes and Business


Ask what the next level version of me would do next. It’s great for creating Ideas for great content and courses.

Ask who will I need to be (to be my desired future self)? How does she dress like? How does she spend her days? How can I do that now?

She’s you from your future and she’s come back, looking around saying, ‘Nah! This has to change! That has to change!’. She’s all about big vision stuff.

Is she is wanting to make irreversible changes, I run it through all 4 modes first!


If you can, take time off. The more you take care of yourself, the more you are taken care of. Post pre-prepared quote cards for when you don’t feel like doing social media. Work through your negative thoughts. It’s time to see them, face them, release them and let them go. Time for a shower cry. It might not look productive, but it can be the most important work.

At this time, I work in bed, in my pyjamas with a cup of tea.


This is a masculine energy. Super is Head of Operations. She gets things done. It’s time to write a list, a spreadsheet, work through actions. It’s a great time for going through emails, doing admin, creating content. Live streaming content. Let her take care of all that. It feels good to get things done.

My whole philosophy is life gets to feel good, so you do what feels good in any mode.


This is a great time for manifestation because it’s so high vibe. In the morning, I write down what I want to call in for the day, for example, ‘Lots of cuddles, dancing, 2 big sales and a new great opportunity.’

The Sparkly Fairy is Head of People and Culture. She makes sure that everyone feels connected and is okay and is getting along.

I don’t work on Sparkle nights. That’s my rule.  For me, it’s time for love. For a movie night. It’s an opportunity to involve and care of family.

Sometimes it’s about getting your hair or nails done. Anything to feel good.

Collaborations and networking are great in sparkle.


Carlie Maree has a seasonal planner that allows you to track your Soul Modes.

She also has merchandise so you signal to your friends which mode you are in.

Carlie is a mentor for the MAD (Make a Difference) women who want to do their work in the world.

Follow her on the socials and head to her website for more information.






043 Mitle Southey: Planning Your Circle

Hello and welcome!

I am Mitlé Southey. I’m an intuitive guide, Circle Holder and founder of Circle School. I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible to experience the transformative power of circles. A big part of that is mentoring women to step into the role of circle holder and also supporting women to really embrace the principles of circle, throughout their lives and businesses.

On that bigger vision, I hold a space for where circles can be used throughout our institutions, businesses, in politics, and anywhere else people gather and have to communicate, connect and collaborate.

This podcast is part of a series where I talk about the curriculum of Circle School, and more importantly, give you an insight into what we explore, discuss and learn in Circle School.

My hope is that by listening to this podcast episode, you’ll find there are many takeaways for you, to support you on your journey with circles.  Whether that is to hold women’s circles as part of your business or within your community.  Whether that is to embrace the principles of circle with your family and friends and how you interact with them. Or whether it is to bring circles to a wider community.


Firstly, when we talk about planning, we start off with energetics and we always come back to that place. Really tuning into the circle. In an earlier podcast (You as a Circle Holder) I talked about connecting to the soul, the spirit, the essence of your circle. And reminding yourself that you are in circle with her (the soul of your circle), creating this circle. So you allow yourself to be guided.

Part of the energetic preparation is connecting with her. And taking time to visualise your circle in as much detail as you possibly can, and letting that guide you. You may wish to sit down with pen and paper and write or draw, and really heart-storm out how you see your circle. Use your visualisation, your imagination and then take that to your next stage of planning. Your vision is really important. So draw on that vision. Draw on your experience of other circles and other sacred gatherings. Draw on your modalities and what you would like to share in that circle. Draw on your own personal rituals and ceremonies and how you can share those in circle. Get as clear a picture as possible as you start your preparation.

Don’t be confined by any notions of how it should be. Allow it to be as it wishes to be. Allow yourself to be guided by whatever is coming through.

Topics and Themes

The second part of planning is looking at topics and themes. I actually get asked quite often for outlines. It’s not something I offer, because I encourage you to tune in so deeply with that spirit of your circle and to be guided by your own vision. There is plenty of scope to build your circle around a particular topic or theme. Women sometimes worry that they’ll run out of ideas. In my experience, you will never run out of ideas. You could probably hold a circle on the same topic, on the same theme, multiple times, and each time it would be different. So just know that you will not run out of ideas for your circles. Or if you do, you can just rerun one you’ve already run, because it will be different every time.

Format and Outline

There is an idea out there that the format or outline for your circle should be different every time. That’s not necessarily true. It may be true for you, and if so I would ask you to examine that.  Look deeper and discover what is driving you to change it every time.

I also invite you to remember that when you are holding space for women, we are inviting women to become very intimate with one another, and we are creating a safe space where we will be sharing and exploring themes. Sometimes the themes may be shadowy or taboo.

The familiarity of a regular structure can really help us to feel safe. If every time we come to your circle, it’s completely different, there is a level where we may be a little bit disengaged,  because we are conscious of what’s happening next and thinking about what’s going on instead of being as present as we mean to be.

However, if we come to a regular circle and the format is familiar, it allows us to drop in a little bit deeper each time. We understand the process. We understand what’s happening next. From that place, we can feel safer to engage in the practices at a deeper level and share more of ourselves with that group of women. I’m not talking about a particular type of circle being right or wrong or better. But just for you to think about how you wish to hold your circle, and changing the format every single circle is not necessarily going to work as effectively for you as having a familiar format.

That said, it’s possible that after some time you may find that the familiar format, instead of creating a space where we feel safer, becomes over familiar and it loses an element of the sacred. An element of reverence. An element of stepping over the threshold into that new dimension of time and space. So leave aside the notion that one way is better or worse, and allow yourself to be guided by what feels right.

Know that you can hold a circle on any topic you can think of. Don’t over agonise around those topics. When we are marketing and sharing our circle and inviting women to join, it can be very helpful to have a theme, to be able to explain what is going to take place.

Here is a list of some ideas, which you may already have thought of, but you can jot down any ideas that are new to you. These are just some topics that I have held.. You could do literally anything.

  • New Moon or the Full Moon. Moon circles may be correlated with what’s going on Astrologically
  • Sister Wounds,  Mother Wounds or any variation where you create a safe space for women to explore how they have been harmed by other women. You might not choose to do this as a first circle, but with time and experience, this is a very healing journey. These could be done as a one off or for a series of circles.
  • Topics around Self Love, Self Care or Self Nurturing. Circles themselves, in my opinion, are all these things. So exploring these themes within the format of a circle can be really powerful.
  • Topics such as sexuality, menstruation, menopause, rights of passage, creativity and spirituality are all classic topics that women naturally come together to talk about. We may be able to touch briefly on these themes in our daily lives, but not be able to dive deep. Circles create a safe space to talk about things which in our daily lives may be considered taboo.
  • We can look at death and birth. These can be tricky topics, but if that’s what you’re drawn to, I highly encourage you to explore those, because it is circle that provides us with a safe space to go to places we may not go to in our everyday lives.
  • Changing seasons, celebrating the equinox or solstice. These can be beautiful themes depending on what you celebrate in your life.
  • Exploring concepts of power. The patriarchy. The heroine’s journey.
  • Themes around creativity. Maybe food. Book clubs. Craft circles.
  • Yoga classes can be run as circles

These are just a handful of themes, and each of these could be subdivided into multiple themes. So just know you can never run out of themes. If you sit down with a piece of paper and heartstorm/brainstorm for 10 minutes, you’ll probably come up with hundreds of themes.

In the first year of Sistermind, my online membership, we explored 12 different themes just to do with self. Self love, self care, self honour, self acceptance, self awareness, self trust, self respect to name a few.

Whether you are running a closed or open circle may affect how your select themes. By open circle, I mean a circle which anyone can come at any point.  In that scenario you are sharing what the theme is and letting women know they can join.

A closed circle is the term I use to describe when you have one group of women and you take them on a journey for a set period of time. With this approach, you may choose to apply the principle of shared leadership, so that you choose the themes as a group.

In Circle School we dive much deeper into all of this. I don’t provide templates. I provide what I call a ‘Circle Map’. You can use your Circle Map to create your own templates for each circle that you wish to hold.

In summary, in terms of planning your circle we have looked at:


Creating the vision of what you wish to have.

Themes and Topics

How you can use a theme of topic to give structure, content, intention and meaningful purpose


The main elements of this are two-fold. That is, preparing energetically and also preparing practically. Everything is energy. Whenever you show up, your energetic resonance will be matched by the women you are calling in. Remember that you are calling them in energetically.

As soon as you set the intention and you’ve seen the vision for your circle,  and you have connected with the soul of your circle, then you are calling those women in, who have already agreed to come to that circle.

Of course preparing at a practical level is also important. Making sure they can easily find the circle, book the circle and come to the circle.

It’s a combination of energetic and practical preparation, and I highly encourage you not to dismiss either one of those. In this day and age, using tools such as Facebook, creating events and so on are practical steps you can take.


I am a former litigation lawyer. I also have experience of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. So feeling safe is a really important aspect for me.

When I started, I was very aware of how things could go wrong (thanks to my experience as a litigator) and there was also my own desire to feel safe in a space within a group of other women. Over time, my understanding of guidelines has deepened, and I have slightly shifted my perspective.

Initially, I think I was trying to avoid conflict. Now I find that we can use our guidelines to help us navigate the situation if conflict comes up. The guidelines to me are so precious. They are the secret sauce. They the key to holding an incredibly safe space for women. They help maintain the integrity of that space, no matter what arises. They also ensure that you are seeking the collaboration and agreement from the women you are holding space for, so that collectively you have committed to having a safe container for each of you.

In Circle School, we have the opportunity to draft those. Some women borrow from mine. Some draft theirs completely from scratch. It is a process. The guidelines you start with are unlikely to be the ones you stay with forever more. It’s an evolution. As you deepen in your capacity as a space holder, you will enhance your courage and confidence in sharing your guidelines and what it is they are designed to do. It is a really powerful part of your circle, and not to be dismissed.

Whenever I have heard of experiences from women of feeling unsafe in other circles, I have asked whether those circles had guidelines, the answer is usually ‘no’. Guidelines are our container. They are the structure within we can flow.

Circle is so powerful and we can do so much with what we understand and learn and practice in circle. The more we do that, we can take that into our lives, into our businesses, into our workplaces, into our institutions, into our governments.  Everything we do together is contributing to a ripple effect. There may be an unseen impact. We don’t know the extent of that. However, we absolutely know that it is having that impact at some level.

If you have any questions, come over to the Facebook page and join the conversation there and tag me in so I can respond. To find the Facebook Live video this podcast is taken from, click here

Big love

Mitle xo


042 Mitle Southey: You as a Circle Holder

Hello and welcome!

I am Mitle Southey. I am an intuitive guide and circle holder. I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible experience the transformative power of circles.

Today we are talking about YOU as a circle holder. Your role as a circle holder, but more importantly, claiming your unique quirks and gifts as a circle holder.

I really want to encourage you to have the courage and confidence to step into that role. Or if  you’re already holding circles, to deepen your capacity as a holder, and to continue to expand your understanding of holding space.

Through circle school, we look at you as a whole. In week 2, we go through who we are as a circle holder. We look at our unique quirks. Our unique gifts. We connect with the soul of our circle, understanding that she is a separate entity to us, but she’s coming through us. We are her human. So we look at how that relationship can work most effectively.

Then we ask who are we serving with our circles? Who is it we wish to bring these to? Why? Why are we choosing to gather women in this way?

Claiming your unique quirks and gifts.

I love the word ‘quirks’ because we are all quirky. We all have those things that make us who we are. So think about your own journey. Your own life experience. All the things that have brought you to THIS moment in time and space. To this place in your life. And really be willing to go on a journey of self discovery.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you stand against? What is it that you want to share with the magic of circles? Why do you want to hold circles?

It’s a process of gathering the threads from your lived experience. Your culture. Your heritage. From the country you are in. From your own rituals and ceremonies. From the modalities you are trained in. From your professional experience. It’s about bringing all these threads together of who you are and being willing to have a journey of self discovery. Be willing to go within to see who you are as a circle holder.

One of the elements that still surprises me, yet I still see it every single time I hold circle school, is that we have a collective fear of stepping into this role and holding space for others. From my experience of working with so many women, I find that it still stems from the history of the witch hunt. From us being persecuted and killed for stepping into roles where we supported other people. Where we were healers. Where we conducted rituals and ceremonies for each other.

We have been stopped from doing that for such a long time that there is this incredibly powerful collective energy around that. And that is why I use the word ‘courage’ when I’m asking us to step into this role of circle holder.

On the face of it, in this moment in time and space, for those of us living in the UK or Australia or New Zealand or the USA (and many other countries) we can step into this role. We are not going to be persecuted or killed for it. But still it can hold us back. In week 2 of the curriculum, we really unpack that and examine, ‘What is actually holding us back?’.

We also focus on looking at our quirks and gifts and really claiming those. There are fun personality tests you can do. They don’t have to define you. But they can give you an insight into who you are. They can give you an introduction to a part of you that you may not have connected with.

For me, the Myers & Briggs test was so powerful because it gave me an understanding of being an introvert. That introversion is a super power, and I think it’s a super power for a lot of circle holders. It’s often the thing that we think makes us less, that is actually our super power. It’s the thing that makes us unique. It’s the quirk that gives us that beautiful energetic resonance with the women who are called to work with us.

Becoming a circle holder is a journey of becoming our fullest and truest expression of ourselves. Each time you show up for your circle, you are learning more. You are deepening your understanding of yourself. You are also deepening your capacity as a space holder.

When I started holding circles, I was very serious!  I didn’t bring my humour. My wit. It’s like I left that aspect of me at the door because I took this role very seriously and was scared of getting it wrong.

As this journey has unravelled for me (in a good way!), I can now bring my humour. Sometimes even my sarcasm (I warn people). It’s about being allowed to bring all of us to that. And then when we look at who we are serving, that’s where this is so important.

This is why we need so many circles. There isn’t one circle fits all. We can bring circles across so many themes, across so many areas, for so many groups of women. So it is really important to understand your role in this, and who you are as you step into this role. And this will grow and evolve over time.

Connecting with the soul of your circle

Remember that she (the soul of your circle) is her own entity. We are the vessel for her to come through. I can forget this sometimes forget this and fall into the trap of thinking it’s about me.  What am I doing? How am I showing up? Am I doing all the things?

So when that little inner voice tells me that I’m not good enough, I can side step that and remind myself that it actually is not about me. I have one quite easy job, which is to LISTEN. And to SHARE. And then everything starts to flow again. We find our rhythm and everything comes back.

Meeting with the Spirit of your Circle

One of the things we do in circle school is that I take you on a guided journey to meet the spirit, the essence of circle. This is something you can do for yourself. Take yourself on a journey. Go into heart coherence or meditation and start to visualise that journey. In your mind, take yourself to a beautiful place or a sacred space. Imagine yourself there. As you allow yourself to get quiet, connect inwards. Then ask to meet the spirit of your soul, or circle. You can do this for your business as well. You can do this for any project. Ask to meet her. Sit with her. Let her appear in whatever form she takes. Let go of any expectation. When you are in her presence, feel into her energy. Take the opportunity to ask her a question. It could be ‘What would you have me do? What would you have me know?’.

I recommend journaling afterwards. Just stream of consciousness journaling. The more you connect. The more you listen. The more you journal. The deeper your understanding of your role as a circle holder will become.

Who Are You Serving?

The third part of the curriculum is looking at who you are serving. Who are you for? There are ways for circles to be for a particular group of women. A particular niche, for example, mothers and daughters, or teens, or tweens. Angela Counsel, for example, holds Wise Women’s Circle for women going through menopause.

There’s also a wonderful way to hold circles across age and across experience. You can have open circles that anybody can attend. So it’s a matter of exploring why you are holding circles and who you are serving.

Within this area of the curriculum, we also look at being inclusive. What is your inclusivity policy? How do we make sure that our circles are inclusive to all women, regardless of cultural background, race, and so on. We look at where we can ensure we are reaching out to all women, and making sure that all women know that they are welcome.

I hope that gives you some insight and some pointers of things you can do and think about.


If you have any questions, come over to the Facebook page and join the conversation there and tag me in so I can respond.

Big love

Mitle xo


041 Mitle Southey: Filling Your Circles

I am Mitle Southey. I am a circle holder, intuitive guide and founder of Circle School. Everything I do is to support my mission, which is to help as many women as possible experience the transformative power of circles.

A big part of that is mentoring women on the art of being a circle holder, and helping them create circles in their communities and as part of their business.

Today I talk about 7 beautiful steps for filling your circles.

1. Have Profound Clarity

Make sure you have profound clarity on how many people you want in your circle. Do you want an intimate circle of 4? 8? 10? 12? Really commit to how many women you want.

One thing I do is create a virtual circle with Post It notes on the wall. As each woman books a spot, I write her name on one of the Post It Notes and a big love heart and say ‘thank you’.

Have a visual representation, so you can really honour each woman as they join your circle. Remind yourself that as each woman joins, they are contributing to the energy of the circle. The first woman who joins is always so special to me, as she is joined with me, and she is helping me call in those other women who will gather with us.

2.  Raise Your Vibration!

What is the feeling state you are embodying when you are sharing your circle? When you are talking about it? When you are creating a graphic or poster? Or sharing it with the venue you’re holding it at? Check in with yourself when you’re talking about it. Do whatever you need to do to raise your vibration and get into that space, that energy that you want women to feel. Give them a taste of your energy.

That might involve going for a beautiful walk in nature. Or turn some music on and dance it out. Perhaps it’s chanting or drumming. Jumping up and down. Exercising. It’s whatever it is for you to get into the feeling state that is going to ripple out. So when you are posting, sharing, talking about your circle, the women you are talking to are meeting with your beautiful energy of enthusiasm. Of joy. Of love for the circle. As opposed to an energy of irritation or desperation. It’s all about energy, and the energetic resonance you have when you’re calling in the women you want in your circle.

3.  Visualise Your Circle in as Much Detail as Possible.

Take time to sit in heart coherence or meditation or whatever brings you into that beautiful state. Take yourself through that circle. Use your imagination. Take yourself on a journey from when you arrive in the space, whether that’s online or in person. Imagine when you greet those women who are joining you.  See all of you taking your place in the circle. See the number of women you decided are coming in. See each of them. See the centrepiece or the alter or the mandala.

As you are imagining the scene, as you look at each of the faces of the women, you may find you recognise some. There may be a prompt to remind you, ‘Oh, I’ll reach out to her’.  

Take yourself through the welcome. The opening ceremony. The creation of the centerpiece. The heart of the ceremony. You’ll have clarity on your theme. You’ll know what you’ll be sharing.

Do this as many times as you need. You might do this every day leading up the the start. Or once a week.

It’s a very powerful step in getting into energetic alignment with that vision that you are holding.

4.  Act as if…

Once you’ve got yourself into that energetic state and you have visualised, then act as if that circle is full. See how that impacts in the way you show up. See how that informs the conversations you are having. And how that helps you to stay in that place of enthusiasm and joy and excitement for your circle.

If you find yourself waning, and it’s not filling up as quickly as you’d like and people aren’t booking, come back to your energetic state. Tune it to what feels out of alignment. Go within and see if there’s something there. See what’s going on.

One of the ways I ‘act as if’ is to pay for the venue. Once I do that,  it’s like an activation switch inside me that tells me that the circle is going ahead, so I commit to showing up, regardless.

5.  Gratitude

As I said earlier, I often creating a virtual circle on my wall with Post It Notes. As each woman books her place, I write her name, a lovely big love heart, and I say, ‘Thank you so much’.

There are also practical steps. I send out an email to say thank you and confirm details.

It’s about coming into deep gratitude. Focus of the women who book, rather than focusing on how many haven’t.

If you aim for 12 (for example), and you have 4 booked, it can be very easy to focus on the 8 vacant places instead of having deep gratitude for the 4 who have. The more you focus on the empty places, the more empty they stay.

The more you can pull yourself into that place of appreciation and gratitude, the more you can maintain that absolute knowing that your circle is going to be perfect, and the more you can maintain the energy and belief that that gathering of women will take place, and it will be exactly as it is meant to be.

Every group of women gather for a purpose, and a lot of that purpose is unseen, and we may never know it. The more you are in alignment and committed to showing up, the more you’re holding that space for the women to join you, the more likely your circle will fill.

6. Hold the Faith

There are practical, beautiful steps you can take to make it easy for people to book. Talk about it with confidence. Share when it is. Allow women to know that it’s happening. Show that it’s available for them to book in. Then remember that we all have different purchasing ways. Some women book very early on. You also have women like me, who are total ‘last minuters’. I will always allow women to book right up until the circle starts. I assume. I act as if. That may mean that somebody arrives on the day and has to pay on the day. So just remember consumer behaviour differs. Some book early. Some book late. And there’s likely to be a gap in the middle when no one is booking, and that is where holding the faith is so, so important.

Hold your vibration high. Keeping speaking from that space. Keep sharing it. Keep visualising it. Keep acting as if, because you know it’s going to happen.

If you can create content, buy the supplies, and keep taking the steps as if it’s going to happen, you will come through that phase in the middle, where perhaps no one is booking in.

7. Surrender

Come from a place of being of service. Step out of the way that it’s all about you. Remembering that it’s about the women who are joining you.

Remember that each circle is its own entity. Connect to the soul, the spirit of your circle. You’ll often receive guidance or an idea of a particular person to reach out to, or a particular place or time to share your circle. I really ask you to embrace the energetic preparation. It is SO important.

Practical preparation such as having a booking link, booking the venue etc, as well as energetic preparation are both important.  We can’t ignore one or the other.

Act as if. Have faith. Know that your circle will be complete and exactly as it should be.  

Have faith and trust. If things don’t go according to plan, know there are reasons for how things play out that may be unseen in our current reality. Check in with where you were in terms of clarity, visualisation, energy and so on. If you really feel you did all that, surrender it. Let it go. Know that, for whatever reason, that whole process has served a purpose that may not be obvious to you.


If you have any questions, come over to the Facebook page and join the conversation there and tag me in so I can respond.


Big love

Mitle xo


040 Kellie Guenther: Spiritual Sustainability

Kellie Guenther is absolutely enthralling to listen to. In this episode she shares her journey to Spiritual Sustainability. She discusses how we can live in alignment with Mother Earth and what that involves.

Kellie has studied Environmental Biology and went on to obtain a Masters in Environmental Engineering Management. She has a diploma in yoga and is also intuitive. She utilises all of these complementary tools to offer an integrated and holistic approach to living in a way that embodies Spiritual Sustainability.

What we talked about:

  • Spiritual Sustainability is a fusion of spirituality and ethics A merging of ecological principles that earth is governed by.
  • How our society has forgotten it’s connection Mother Earth
  • The state of affairs as they are now and what we can do about it
  • How principles of yoga assist in caring for the earth and the self
  • What the ancients knew, that we have forgotten
  • How to make small changes and stay out of overwhelm
  • How to stay in the correct state of mind to have faith and be effective

Kellie works 1:1 with people wishing to deepen their connection to earth and do their best for it. She focuses on body, mind, soul and earth. It is an approach which is beneficial to the client as well as the planet, integrating the tools of yoga, science and intuition.

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039 Clare Foale: Essential Self Care Made Simple

Clare Foale is a writer, speaker, and idea weaver in the area of self-care. She says that when we practice self-care, when we take care of our soul and connect with our self, we feel calmer, more creative, less resentful, more patient, more in flow, more pro-active, and less overwhelmed.

It was wonderful to explore ways to bring self-care into our daily lives.

What we talked about:

Clare’s experience with Post Natal Depression

  • Her initial disconnect with the concept of self-care
  • Clare’s journey to discovery and of the value of self-care
  • Misconceptions about what self-care is
  • Self-care and it’s relationship with connection to the soul
  • Tuning in to what self-care steps are right for you
  • Recognising self-care activities that are often overlooked
  • The difference between ‘doing’ self-care and receiving self-care
  • Self-compassion and self-responsibility
  • The importance of giving AND consciously receiving openly with gratitude
  • The importance of showing yourself and others, by your actions, that you are a priority
  • How to weave self-care ‘snippets’ into ordinary activities

Questions to ask yourself to find your own guidance:

  • If you had 24 hours to yourself, what would you do?
  • When you’re calmest, what are you jealous of?
  • If you were going to a three day retreat or workshop, what would it be on?
  • What books did you love as a kid?
  • What were your favourite subjects as a kid?
  • What did you want to be when you grew up?
  • How do you feel when you go swimming or when you’re in nature?

From the answers, we discover the sometimes obvious (yet unnoticed) things we’ve overlooked and create a ‘Joy and Peace list’. A menu of self-care that is powerful and exciting for you. We can then look at how to implement things into our day. Not as an obligation, but as inspiration.

From the answers, we discover the sometimes obvious (yet unnoticed) things we’ve overlooked. The next step is to create a ‘Joy and Peace list’. A menu of self-care that is powerful and exciting for you. We can then look at how to implement things into our day. Not as an obligation, but as inspiration.

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