Welcome to Circle School

Circle Training for Wellbeing Practitioners

Sharing Circles as Spaces of Sanctuary & Rebellion

in (r)evolutionary times 

Are you a wellbeing practitioner who desires to bring your clients and community together in safer, inclusive and collaborative sharing circles?

Does the notion of sharing circles as spaces of sanctuary and rebellion resonate with you?

Are you seeking immersive training experiences that are grounded and practical, AND intuitive and heart-led?

Welcome to Circle School

Mitlé’s resources, courses and immersions are designed to support you to:

  • Create powerful Circles through the alchemy of practical planning and trusing your intuition


  • Hold unique Circles by being the truest expression of yourself in collaboration with the soul of your Circle


  • Fill your revolutionary Circles with participants who are are aligned with what you stand for and are willing to be altered by their experience in Circle


  • Deepen your capacity as a Space Holder, Ceremonialist and Facilitator so you have the confidence and courage to hold your Circles, your way.

Rooted in reverence for this ancient tradition, honouring the practice of gathering in Circle as radical collective care and embracing Circles as sacred activism.

Through Circle School Mitlé is dedicated to supporting you

on your Circle Holder path to:

Embrace and honour your modalities and lived experience

Deepen your connection to your ancestral lineage 

Remember, recover and reimagine the ancient myths and stories of your cultural heritage

Honour the ancient tradition of Circles across world cultures

Strengthen your ability to create circles for diverse communities

Enhance your skills as a facilitator to meet the needs of participants

Support yourself and others to meet personal and collective wounds and challenges through Circles

Embody the principles of Circle in your life, business and community roles

Embrace vulnerability, compassion and generosity in all that you share

Mitlé’s courses, classes and circles are created to deepen our capacity in the art, craft & skill of holding Circles.

Together we:


  • Honour the ancient and modern story of Circles
  • (Re)Connect to our ancestral lineage and cultural heritage
  • Cultivate our mythic imagination
  • Understand the archetypes that are active in our lives and circle work
  • Find the stories, myths and folk tales we wish to work with
  • Deepen our skills in witnessing, listening, and reflecting
  • Increase our capacity to hold diverse, inclusive and safer spaces
  • Tend to our personal and collective wounds and fears
  • Re-enchant the rituals and ceremonies we share in circle
  • Reimagine the circle process
  • Explore our relationship with reciprocity and exchange
  • Embody self-leadership and self-authority
  • Develop our confidence in engaging with complex subjects and holding the tension of paradox
  • Enhance our ability to create meaningful collaborations and co-create with others

Join us in Circle School


Self-Led Course


(payment plan available)


14-day immersion

Deepening our capacity to hold space for ourselves so that we can hold safer space for change in these (r)evolutionary times.

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Circle Skills

Self-Led Course


(payment plan available)


10-day implementation

Circle methodology for wellbeing practitioners, creatives & community organisers to create unique, powerful & revolutionary sharing circles.

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Circle Apprenticeship

A 9-month Apprenticeship with the art, craft and skills of holding Circles

Walk the ancient path of circle holding in our modern world in an immersive experience.





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The Circle School Grove

Gather round our virtual fire

Our on-line space of sanctuary and rebellion for wellbeing practitioners, community organisers and creatives who are embracing circles as collective care and sacred activism, and are seeking a network of co-conspirators to play with!





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Journey with me

My circle work began in the realm of the Red Tent movement.

My circles, courses and immersions are informed by my journey of learning about, exploring and reclaiming my ancestral lineage, my cultural heritage – including the old Western wisdom traditions and British native mythology, cultivating my mythic imagination and understanding the archetypes active in my life and work.

I desire all Circle Holders who resonate with my work to feel invited, included and welcome here.

I am committed to continually learning and increasing my capacity to hold diverse, inclusive and safer spaces for those marginalised by our current systems.

I continue to educate myself and work towards gender-expansiveness and 2SLGBQTIA inclusivity.

I continue to do the work of dismantling internalised racism and educating myself to hold safer spaces for Brown, Black, Indigenous and Circle Holders of Colour.

In Circle School I advocate for the need for Circle Holders to actively engage with anti-racism, inclusivity and accessibility education. In the Circle School Apprenticeship we provide classes with paid guest expert teachers to support white Circle Holders to do so.

I also understand the need for BIWOC only spaces and in our Apprenticeship learning community we offer BIWOC only Circles held by a paid Circle School Certified Circle Holder to provide additional support.

Circles for our times

How can Circles be places of sanctuary and rebellion?

Circle School is rooted in reverence for this ancient tradition, dedicated to the practice of gathering in Circle as radical collective care, and embracing Circles as sacred activism.


From Our Circle Holders

The journey with Mitlé felt like a sacred practice. I felt seen, heard, embraced and loved from within. I’ve finally learnt how to show up, especially in the online world, by embracing and expressing all of my gifts. Circle School goes beyond holding Circles. It has been a deep transformation for me, in my life.

-Viknesvari d/o Piche Muthu

Certified Circle Holder

Mitlé has a level of authenticity, care and nurturing that makes you feel safe and secure in working alongside her. She is well versed in her knowledge of Circle and the importance of this for the greater whole. She encourages you to delve deeper into yourself so that you can harness the energy of Circle and support others to transform too.

-TeAroha Haunui

Certified Circle Holder