This an online circle that brings us together from across the world in a sacred yet accessible and nurturing space.

This is your space for connection and support as you align with your magic and medicine.

We are co-creating a community in which we are reclaiming our innate wisdom, exploring our wild edges and can be wholly ourselves.

We share our stories and experiences and hold a space in which we see each other’s magnificence.

We support one another with love and acceptance, rather than advice, sympathy or platitudes.

We celebrate each other as we rise and we catch each other when we fall.

Together we are raising our consciousness, increasing our knowledge, deepening our relationships, being healthier, enhancing our wellbeing, privileging our souls and having more fun.

Together we are developing our powers of perception and intuition, harnessing the energy of our emotions, claiming our power and co-creating a movement of grounded in kindness, compassion, love, acceptance and inclusivity.

Shine, Sister, Shine!

This is a Women’s Circle.

A safe and sacred space. 

A co-created experience.

A shared journey.

We are a spirited sisterhood and welcome all women; black women, indigenous women and women of colour and those who identify as women including transgender women and non-binary women.

In this Circle you can:

with like-spirited women

the sacred power of women

loving support and guidance

where you are naturally flourishing and which areas need priority

deep self-acceptance

your inner mystic with everyday life

seen, heard and accepted just as you are

what’s holding you back on a physical, emotional or spiritual level

your soul

rituals and routines that will nurture your relationship with yourself

tools and strategies to help you take inspired action

  • You are awakening to and embracing the deeper purpose of your life.

  • You are willing to relinquish the need for external validation and approval. 

  • You are embracing your innate wisdom and inner power.

  • You are seeking congruence between your vision and your action. 

  • You are willing to be in radical alignment with your whole self.

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Mitlé has managed to take us all on a journey of self-discovery through such magical mediums as Art, Intuition, our Divine Feminine, Astrology and so much more – I am so excited to find out what the next 6 months will bring….. I have loved every single minute! The guest speakers have been local and international and of such exceptionally high world class quality– Mitlé has searched the planet over and brought all of this to our own lounge rooms…… she has done all of the hard work and all we have to do is sit back and wait for the phenomenal surprises each month….. The guidebooks are so helpful for self-reflection and asking questions that we may have never thought to ask of ourselves…. This journey takes you deep and yet it so gentle and supportive in every way. If you want to get to know yourself on a level which you never knew possible then dive right in – there is no time like now….Mitlé is there all the way with us guiding, holding and maintaining a space of sacred safety to share, explore and create sister like friendships and bonds with each other…If you want to feel nourished, inspired and supported as the divine goddess that you are then I can highly recommend the Sistermind

Tamala Ridge

Subconscious Addictions Specialist

The Sistermind is an incredibly nurturing and supportive space, that guides us to stay true to ourselves as we go through our lives each month. With beautiful self-honouring themes and powerful topics of expert education and conversation, it has been an amazing journey for me so far this year. Guided so skillfully by our lovely intuitive powerhouse, Mitlé, I have been blown away by the beautiful ladies that I get to spend time with in circles each month, and in the Sanctuary sharing space on fb.If you are looking for some loving support and guidance to keep you on track and showing up for yourself in an ongoing capacity – then make sure you don’t miss out on joining while the doors are open this time.

Emma Turton

Medical Intuitive,

I want to shout out to all those who don’t know about the amazing online program and sacred space The Sistermind, that Mitlé facilitates.Every time I join Mitlé and the other sisters online for a circle or a Sisterclass I find my vibe climbs higher and higher. My inspiration for getting stuff done and for more deeply exploring my self worth or self empowerment or self love and self acceptance is enhanced. I have so many aha moments and deep shifts of fear blocks.I feel blessed to be a part of this year long incredible program!Get on board if you can!

Lisa Smith

I’d love to have you join the Sistermind and I cannot wait to sit in Circle with you.


Join the Sistermind Circle

Membership $97/month