This podcast is a celebration of Sisterhood.

It is a space for women to share their journeys and how they are being of service in the world together with practical tools and spiritual practices for you to explore and experiment with.

I also bring you solo shows on Sacred Circles, reflections on favourite episodes and the practices, rituals and tools that I use and teach.


042 Mitle Southey: You as a Circle Holder

Hello and welcome! I am Mitle Southey. I am an intuitive guide and circle holder. I’m on a mission to help as many women as possible experience the transformative power of circles. Today we are talking about YOU as a circle holder. Your role as a circle holder, but...

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041 Mitle Southey: Filling Your Circles

I am Mitle Southey. I am a circle holder, intuitive guide and founder of Circle School. Everything I do is to support my mission, which is to help as many women as possible experience the transformative power of circles. A big part of that is mentoring women on the...

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040 Kellie Guenther: Spiritual Sustainability

Kellie Guenther is absolutely enthralling to listen to. In this episode she shares her journey to Spiritual Sustainability. She discusses how we can live in alignment with Mother Earth and what that involves. Kellie has studied Environmental Biology and went on to...

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039 Clare Foale: Essential Self Care Made Simple

Clare Foale is a writer, speaker, and idea weaver in the area of self-care. She says that when we practice self-care, when we take care of our soul and connect with our self, we feel calmer, more creative, less resentful, more patient, more in flow, more pro-active,...

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038 Swapna Thomas: Show up, Speak up, Stand up

The final episode of this season is an incredible conversation with Swapna Thomas. Swapna is a Marketing Coach and Content Strategist and we dive into that and go far beyond it! What we talked about: sustainable and joyful business by being YOU Purpose and Personality...

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037 On Being a Hedonist | Renée Mayne

I was recently interviewed by Renée Mayne which I shared here - listen in to episode 33. This time the tables are turned and I have the honour of asking the questions. Renée's mission is to guide others to allow themselves to receive pleasure, so they can open up the...

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036 Spiritual Lawyer | Ange De Lumiere

Spiritual Lawyer - Ange De Lumiere In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting to the incredible Ange De Lumiere. We are both former lawyers who have followed a new path. Ange now describes herself as a Spiritual Lawyer. This is a beautiful and unusual...

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035 Dare to Dream | Brenda Mangalore

Episode 35 - Brenda Mangalore "Dare to take your big dream seriously. Then take the next step." - Brenda Mangalore Brenda Mangalore is an Artist. Dreamer, Doodler, Mama & Self-proclaimed Chief Creativity Catalyst & Matriarch of Muse Mamas. Her calling is to...

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034 Dream Crazy | Kathy Wong

Episode 34 - Kathy Wong In this episode I chat with Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco. Kathy has a burning passion to make a meaningful difference in the world - to inspire a community of individual, encourage them to hope, to live their dreams, to create change and...

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