This podcast is a celebration of Sisterhood.

It is a space for women to share their journeys and how they are being of service in the world together with practical tools and spiritual practices for you to explore and experiment with.

I also bring you solo shows on Sacred Circles, reflections on favourite episodes and the practices, rituals and tools that I use and teach.


037 On Being a Hedonist | Renée Mayne

I was recently interviewed by Renée Mayne which I shared here - listen in to episode 33. This time the tables are turned and I have the honour of asking the questions. Renée's mission is to guide others to allow themselves to receive pleasure, so they can open up the...

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036 Spiritual Lawyer | Ange De Lumiere

Spiritual Lawyer - Ange De Lumiere In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting to the incredible Ange De Lumiere. We are both former lawyers who have followed a new path. Ange now describes herself as a Spiritual Lawyer. This is a beautiful and unusual...

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035 Dare to Dream | Brenda Mangalore

Episode 35 - Brenda Mangalore "Dare to take your big dream seriously. Then take the next step." - Brenda Mangalore Brenda Mangalore is an Artist. Dreamer, Doodler, Mama & Self-proclaimed Chief Creativity Catalyst & Matriarch of Muse Mamas. Her calling is to...

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034 Dream Crazy | Kathy Wong

Episode 34 - Kathy Wong In this episode I chat with Kathy Wong, the founder of Moeloco. Kathy has a burning passion to make a meaningful difference in the world - to inspire a community of individual, encourage them to hope, to live their dreams, to create change and...

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032 Slaying your Stories | Mary Houston

Slaying your Stories Mary's mission is to see women free from the slavery of the stories that keep them from living their greatest life. Somewhere in between our understanding of the ego and our inner mean girl, there is a loop of stories that remain unconscious to...

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031 Walking the Priestess Path | Sora Surya No

Walking the Priestess Path   Sora shares what the Priestess Path means to her. The uncovering of her stories and wounds, knowing her abilities, her magic and her medicine, investigating her mystical and magical gifts and remembering her innate wisdom and this...

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030 What it means to be a man | Leigh Jane Woodgate

What it means to be a man Leigh’s journey in this lifetime of her relationships with men, what they mean to her, how they have influenced her and the impact they have had on her have driven her to shift the paradigm of patriarchal leadership to inspirational...

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