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This document sets out the Terms and Conditions you need to be aware of when using this website. Please take a moment to read them, as they set out your important rights and obligations and I care about making sure we both know where we stand. When you visit this website, use my services or purchase my products you agree that you are over the age of 18 and willing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you don’t accept this agreement, you should not continue to visit this website or purchase from me.

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General Disclaimer

On this website you will find Blog Posts and Podcast episodes, . This information is provided solely for personal and spiritual development purposes and to share with you resources that you may find useful or interesting.


I take lots of care to provide valuable information but I cannot be responsible for the use that you make of that information.

Please be aware that the generalised personal and spiritual development information that I provide is not a substitute for specialist advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

There is no professional relationship formed between us unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my service or products.

Any testimonials and promised results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my clients. They are not guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results.

I may modify the information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting it without notice.


Please use your common sense when following or trying any practices or tools shared on this website.

You are responsible for your own mental, emotional and spiritual health and should use your discernment when considering using any suggested or recommended practices or tools.

If you are unsure as to whether a particular practice or tool is suitable for you please seek professional advice from your primary health care provider or spiritual advisor before acting on the information that I provide, to ensure your own mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


I am not responsible for viruses or any other damage which might occur as a result of downloading material from my website.


I am not responsible for the content of any external website that might be linked from my website.

Specific Disclaimer

This disclaimer relates to:

Intuitive Guidance Session and Intuitive Mentoring


I am a Certified Practitioner in the Intuitive Intelligence™ Method.

As an Intuitive Guide, I am dedicated to assisting and supporting people in positively changing their lives.

The advice and information offered in your Intuitive Intelligence™ session is based exclusively on my impressions and experiences. I makes no promise regarding the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information and the methods used in my work.

I am not a medical or health practitioner.

I offer my clients a spiritual, metaphysical and transpersonal perspective to support them on their journey of self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

I do not claim to heal or treat your physical, mental or psychological conditions. I simply offer education, physical modalities, health and spiritual guidance to allow people the opportunity to experience and access their optimal selves.

I do not offer counselling or therapy. A session with me is not a medical technique and does not replace the need for medical care.

The information that you provide to me as a client is confidential and will not be disclosed to any third party at any stage, unless required by law or with your consent.


You must be 18 years or older.

If you have a known mental or physical health condition, you must declare this to me and be in the care of a medical health professional before I see you.

You understand that you should never use information provided by me that in any way contradicts, conflicts, or opposes a course of treatment or plan of action recommended by a primary professional provider such as your licensed medical doctor, lawyer or financial adviser.

If you have any concerns or feel that you do not fully understand the implications of a particular course of action in your situation, you are advised to consult your primary professional adviser before taking action.

It is a condition of working with me that you exercise your own personal authority. Your choice to act on any of the information provided in a session is solely your responsibility.

You must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs when participating in the session, and you must disclose any mental health issues that may impact my ability to safely work metaphysically with you prior to the commencement of the session. This includes but is not limited to schizophrenia and bipolar. You must be in a clear and balanced state of mind to participate in this work.


If you ever perceive or feel that information given by me opposes a primary professional provider’s treatment plan or recommendations, you are strongly advised to follow the advice and instructions of your primary professional provider.


One on one sessions with me are designed to meet the needs of women who are awakening to the deeper purpose of their lives and seeking intuitive and spiritual guidance to scaffold their lives.

Intellectual Property


The the content of my website is protected by copyright. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without my written consent, EXCEPT for personal, non-commercial use only, you can share freely on social media so long as you share an appropriate link back to my website.

Payment Terms


If you buy a service through my website, I accept credit cards and the payment will be processed through Stripe (see below).

If you prefer to pay by bank transfer please contact me and we can arrange that.


In relation to mentoring packages, the Sistermind and Circle School, payment plans may be offered at my discretion.


All payments made through my website are processed by Stripe.

Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

For more information on Stripe please visit their website: https://stripe.com/docs/security/stripe


I deliver all my services via video call using Zoom. Please install Zoom BEFORE our meeting.


Please set yourself up somewhere with a good internet connection, where you feel safe to close your eyes and you won’t be disturbed.

You will need your computer (preferably NOT a tablet or smartphone) and headphones.

I will join the video call a couple of minutes before we are due to start, please be on time.

Returns Policy

Please refer to your Client Agreement, Sistermind Agreement or Circle School Agreement for the relevant cancellation and refund terms.

Visitor Information


I encourage you to leave comments on the Podcast episodes and interact with me and other listeners. I do, however, reserve the right to delete comments that I deem as unacceptable because they are rude, offensive or inappropriate.


If you are a member of the Sistermind or enrolled in Circle School please refer to the relevant Agreement.


The information and opinions shared by Podcast guests and guest bloggers are their opinions and do not represent my views or opinions.

Jurisdiction & Dispute Resolution


Mitlé Southey Global Ltd is located in the United Kingdom. This agreement is subject to the governing law of the United Kingdom.


If you have any issue or complain arising our of your use of this website or these terms and conditions, you and I, Mitlé Southey agree to make a genuine effort to resolve the dispute through negotiation and discussion.


If we are unable to resolve a dispute by negotiation and discussion within 14 days, the parties must proceed to mediation with the assistance of an accredited mediator who is independent of the parties. The mediator is to be appointed by agreement of the parties, or failing agreement within twenty-one (21) days of the first notification of the dispute, by a person appointed by the Chair of Resolution Institute, (ACN 008 651 232, Level 2, 13 – 15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Telephone: 02 9251 3366, email: infoaus@resolution.institute) or the Chair’s designated representative. The Resolution Institute Mediation Rules shall apply to the mediation. We agree to share the costs of mediation equally between us.


We agree not to commence litigation until we have fully explored resolving our dispute and the mediator agrees that we are not going to resolve this on our own and we require a judge to make the decision for us.