I bring a modern spin to the ancient and sacred tradition of women’s circles to women online and in person in Australia and around the world.

My role as a sacred circle holder is to guide women to discover their unique purpose, innate understanding and deepest self worth.

I hold space for women to feel peaceful and fully present so they can trust themselves, embrace sisterhood for support and soulfully create their unique version of success.

By working with me, my circle sisters are fully guided to go within and gain the self-acceptance and profound clarity to realise their vision for their life.

Facilitating Circles has taken me on a personal journey of self-discovery. I have witnessed the transformation that can take place for women in this sacred space; I have deepened my connection with myself, rediscovered my self-worth, and ignited my connection with spirit.

The adventure that I’ve undertaken has taught me to deeply love, accept and trust myself, to be committed to my spiritual practices and a life of service.

I am co-creating the Spirited Sisterhood movement with you. A movement of awakening women relinquishing feelings of unworthiness to achieve their vision and embrace the sacred power of sisterhood for support.

I hold a space where women can ask questions, renew their sense of self and catch sight of their long-forgotten dreams.

I continue my personal and spiritual development through the journey of being an entrepreneur, a mother, a partner, an Intuitive Guide and Circle Holder.

I bring together self-worth and sisterhood as soulful strategies for

success and I’m honoured to be walking this path with you.


Sisterhood is deeper and broader than friendship: it cultivates connection and trust, regardless of similarities or differences.

It allows women the opportunity to give and receive, to support and be supported.

I love the power of working with women in circle.

Trust.          Loyalty.           Support.          Reflection.          Strength.           Connection – to one another, to the self and to the divine.           

Self – discovery through sisterhood.           Peace.           Presence.

Be a part of the Spirited Sisterhood

You can join my private Facebook group for women embracing the deeper purpose of their lives, seeking answers within and who wish to be part of a sacred sisterhood.

We are soulfully creating our personal versions of success, and embracing the power of sacred sisterhood.
Together, we are journeying within; sharing your story and your experiences inspires others to explore, to reach out and to share their story.
We are supporting one another with love and acceptance (not sympathy or platitudes), keeping our vibe high and light by our intentions and the language we use.
We are co-creating a Sisterhood of awakening women living in alignment with our deeper purpose.
This is a Sacred Circle – there is no hierarchy – we come together to be seen, heard and accepted.