Sharing Circles for (R)evolutionary Times 

Sharing Circles for our Times

I’m Mitlé, a Circle Holder, honouring the ancient tradition of Sharing Circles whilst reimagining them for these (r)evolutionary times.

I believe that the practice of gathering in Sharing Circles, or Circling, is vital in these times of collective uncertainty and transition.

I am here to gently guide you through the art, craft and skill of holding Circles as the truest expression of yourself. 

A former litigation and compliance lawyer, I am committed to creating safer and generative spaces for those seeking a place of sanctuary and rebellion.

I founded Circle School to provide a supportive and resourcing learning community where we honour each circle holders’ unique path.

Our work through Circle School is rooted in acknowledging our ancestors, connecting with the lands we are on and reclaiming our lost stories, whilst reimagining sharing circles for these (r)evolutionary times.



Circle School

Rooted in an Ancient Tradition | Growing into a Modern Movement

I founded Circle School to share the art, craft, and skills of holding intentional, meaningful, safer and courageous gatherings to meet our times.

I offer immersive circles, classes, courses and conversations

My guiding philosophy is that Circles are not something we do, but who we are; we bring the truest expression of ourselves to our circles, and what we learn and experience in the circle process offers guidance in our daily lives.

In these times of ongoing uncertainty and transition, social, racial and environmental injustice, collective grief and trauma, circles offer a profoundly helpful and healing medicine.


From Our Circle Holders

Mitle is a truly skilled and knowledgeable teacher and her space holding capacity created such a safe and secure container to be able to look into those parts of me that have brought me so many life lessons. This is enabling me to discern my path and my calling within holding space and Circle.

-Janine Begley

Certified Circle Holder

Circle School feels like a sacred guild of space holders. A place to be and reflect and delight in and question the art of gathering people. Circle School is not a prescriptive course,  it is a sharing of Mitle’s wisdom and series of quests to start/continue to weave your Circles. It is challenging and wonderful.

-Clare Foale

Certified Circle Holder